Don’t Let Sewer Corrosion and Odor Complaints Slow Down Your Operation

Envirosuite’s innovative sewer corrosion and network monitoring technology was piloted at one of Australia’s largest water utilities

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Don’t Let Sewer Corrosion and Odor Complaints Slow Down Your Operation

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Sewer corrosion is a major problem in urban infrastructure globally and leads to the need for expensive rehabilitation. Corrosion problems can severely limit the lifetime of sewer network assets. Corrosion is also closely linked to odor generation in sewers.

SeweX is an advanced mathematical modeling tool describing the physical, chemical and biological processes in sewers. It has been developed over many years by some the world’s leading wastewater experts at the University of Queensland’s Advanced Water Management Centre in conjunction with several major Australian water utilities.

Identifying corrosion and odor issues in sewer networks before costly assets fail with the SeweX model

The SeweX model is designed to identify the areas within a sewer network at high risk of increased levels of corrosion and odor production. Envirosuite will build on the existing SeweX model and integrate it into the existing software platform.

The new solution when launched promises to materially reduce core operating and capital costs for network operators through predictive identification of corrosion and odor-risk priority areas enabling optimization of chemical dosing for in-sewer sulfide control. Traditional methods for managing corrosion are slow to evidence results or rely on strategies that are expensive or inefficient. To optimally reduce both operating and capital costs and extend the life of their assets, operators need and are seeking proactive solutions that can be provided by SeweX modeling technology incorporated into Envirosuite’s monitoring, modeling and management platform.

Visualizing corrosion hotspots in one of Australia’s largest municipal sewer networks

Water Corporation is Australia’s principal supplier of water, wastewater, drainage and bulk irrigation services, it is state owned and accountable to the Minister for Water. Its water services are delivered to hundreds of thousands of homes, businesses and farms.

The project will demonstrate SeweX, Envirosuite’s SaaS product performance for water utilities supporting proactive management of corrosion, odor and safety in sewer networks related to sulfide and methane. SeweX is designed to help water utilities to safely manage the biological processes occurring within sewer networks and improve the health, safety and environmental performance, while avoiding and mitigating costly network disruption.

About Envirosuite and EVS Water solutions
EVS Water solutions are designed to help water operators to monitor and manage their essential infrastructure and networks, while reducing the emissions impact on the environment and the surrounding communities. Projects such as Australia’s Water Corporation are advancing the strategic need for digital solutions to help lessen the magnitude of climate change.

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