Product News: October 2021

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Product News: October 2021

General Pipe Cleaners Gen-Pack battery adapter
The new Gen-Pack battery adapter from General Pipe Cleaners allows for operation of sewer inspection camera systems in remote locations where access to power is limited. Depending on battery type and system settings, the Gen-Eye POD or Gen-Eye X-POD camera systems can run up to 12 hours with the Gen-Pack. The adapter is fuse protected for safety and easily mounts to both full-size and mini-reel versions of the Gen-Eye POD and X-POD. It features a powerful command module with USB port to record video inspections on flash drives. It also includes a 7-inch LCD color monitor, one-touch recording, digital zoom, voice-over recording and more. 800-245-6200;

Aries Industries new dual reel
Moving from a stacked to a combined configuration, Aries Industries’ new dual reel occupies a slim footprint within the company’s inspection vehicles. Slip rings are now inside the shaft, eliminating the need for slip-ring boxes. The dual reel provides quick, easy setup and operation with single-button downrigger deployment, so there are no pins and knobs to adjust. Reel controls have been consolidated to a single accessible panel. The spring-loaded, retractable downrigger rollers allow easy cable removal. Field operation has been improved with enhanced level-wind timing for even level winding of the cable, and precise adjustable drum tension control with caliper and floating rotors on each drum. 800-234-7205;

Perma-Liner Industries Extreme Cold 4:1 resin
Perma-Liner Industries is expanding its resin offerings to include a new Extreme Cold 4:1 resin. The epoxy resin comes in 40-pound buckets and is a complement for ambient curing in temperatures lower than 30 degrees F up to 50 degrees F. Perma-Liner offers 12 different resins for all types of rehabilitation projects that are eco-friendly, compatible with Perma-Liner products, meet and exceed ASTM 1216 and NSF Standards, and provide minimal shrinkage for maximum adherence to the host pipe. 866-336-2568;

Sedaru OMNI asset management platform
Sedaru’s next generation Operations Management Network Intelligence platform enables water and wastewater utilities centralized access to siloed data, real-time coordination of business operations and connections to key asset information. Managers can monitor system performance, scheduled and assigned work, and see changes as they occur using custom Key Performance Indicators, alarms and proactive notifications. For compliance and reporting, OMNI quickly provides asset and work history access collected by field staff, external business systems and Internet of Things sensors, and can export the critical data to automate compliance reporting requirements through both standard and custom reports. 626-244-0700;

Vermeer R500 electric-powered reclaimer
Vermeer expanded its HDD fluid management equipment line with its first electric-powered reclaimer, the R500. The reclaimer is available as a skid or trailer. The skid is prepared for forklift use, and the trailer comes equipped with a height-adjustable surge brake to adapt to a variety of towing vehicles. It has a rated processing capacity of 132 to 198 gpm and features a double-deck linear shaker to deliver stable performance under variable processing volume. A high-capacity, 11-kW pump is used for optimum circulation. The electric HDD technology offers an integrated electric power system. When connected to the electric grid, the system can operate fuel-free. 800-837-6337;


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