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Quickly identify PACP defects and codes with WinCan’s Construction Features & Miscellaneous Codes poster

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WinCan’s PACP Construction Features & Miscellaneous Codes poster was designed with operators and engineers in mind. Perfect for trucks or offices, this poster is a useful aid for the quick identification of construction features.

This free tool from WinCan provides an illustrated reference to help sewer professionals improve accuracy and efficiency in PACP documentation and assessment. The poster details construction features frequently found during the pipeline inspection process, as well as miscellaneous codes, to ensure compliance from contractors and municipal operators. 

“Consistency in both the sewer inspection and documentation processes is essential to the assessment and management of wastewater systems,” says Mike Russin, business manager for WinCan in the Americas. With the Structural Defects poster, inspection teams are able to sustain greater consistency by relying on this color-coded, easy-to-reference guide. 

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