Imerys Celebrates 30 Years Since First Application of SewperCoat in North America

Imerys Celebrates 30 Years Since First Application of SewperCoat in North America

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Calcium aluminate has been used in sewer environments since the 1940s. Initially, the drivers for its use included its resistance to sulfates in soil, rapid return to service and superior abrasion resistance. 

Over time, it became clear that calcium aluminate concrete showed improved corrosion durability even in the harshest sewer environments. Studies were performed to better understand the science behind the improved performance, and in the early 1990s SewperCoat, a 100% calcium aluminate mortar, was developed specifically to protect wastewater infrastructure from biogenic corrosion.

The first installation of SewperCoat was in Virginia in December 1991 in a critical connection chamber at a municipal wastewater treatment plant. This connection chamber was selected because of its extreme corrosive environment. Since its rehabilitation with SewperCoat, inspections of this connection chamber have been done every few years over the last 30 years and the structure has exhibited virtually no signs of corrosion or degradation. This connection chamber is still in service today, confirming that SewperCoat has offered outstanding field performance against biogenic corrosion for three decades. Today, 30 years later, SewperCoat is installed daily throughout the North American wastewater network and around the world across five continents.

SewperCoat is a ready-to-use premix mortar composed of 100% calcium aluminate materials. It is specifically designed for spray-applied installation methods to provide a protective lining for structures exposed to abrasion and biogenic corrosion resulting from the hydrogen sulfide cycle that occurs in municipal wastewater environments.

SewperCoat is part of the Imerys range of solutions for the construction market. Imerys has more than 100 years of expertise offering mineral based solutions to meet its construction customers' needs. Imerys brands for construction include SewperCoat, Fondag, Ciment Fondu, and Ibeco. 

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