Product News: December 2021

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Product News: December 2021

OZ Lifting Products stainless series
OZ Lifting Products’ stainless steel range includes chain hoists, trolleys and beam clamps, all designed for use in corrosive environments. The centerpiece of the line is the lightweight stainless steel chain hoist, which helps lift loads with minimal effort but is durable enough for the industry’s most demanding applications. The hoists feature fully enclosed gearing; fully machined lift wheel; weatherproof holding brake; roller bearings on all gears and shafts; and forged stainless steel hooks and safety latches. Chain hoists, like the trolleys, are available in 1/2-, 1- and 2-ton capacities. The stainless push beam trolley fits most I, S and W beams and has precision ball bearing trolley wheels. The beam clamps are available in 1 and 2 ton capacities. All products in the line are made from Type 304 stainless steel and come with individual test certificate and serial number. 800-749-1064;

General JM-1450 electric water jet
The compact, powerful JM-1450 Jet-Set water jet from General Pipe Cleaners uses high pressure water to clear drain lines clogged with grease, sand, sludge and ice. The overall height of the water jet is 34 inches, and removing the easily detachable hose reel drops to the height to 14 1/2 inches. The heavy-duty frame rides on two 8-inch semi-pneumatic tires, and the telescoping handle and removable hose reel make maneuvering easy. The JM-1450 is powered by a 1 1/2 hp sealed motor with a GFCI outlet that drives 1,500 psi, 1.7 gpm triplex pump. On-demand Vibra-pulse technology helps propel hoses down long runs and around tight bends, even in small lines. Safety features include a thermal relief valve to protect the pump from heat damage, a backflow check valve and inlet filter. An optional spray wand is also available. 800-245-6200;

HammerHead Trenchless 100XTR radio remote system
The HydroBurst 100XTR by HammerHead Trenchless has a 100-ton capability rated for up to 16 inches in diameter, yet it is compact enough for use on pipe down to 4 inches. It comes with an easy-to-learn, easy-to-use radio remote control, freeing operators from the pit to position themselves for the best view of a bursting operation. Lightweight, heat-treated alloy rods feature an API-style joint that resists buckling under the greater thrust loads required by longer burst runs, sweeping bends and encrusted and collapsed lines. Operators can swap power for speed by switching to its 50-ton mode, working up to twice as fast depending on the job’s requirements. Hydraulic leveling jacks allow for adjustments on the fly as needed, keeping the machine on-grade without interrupting bursting operations. 800-331-6653;

PPG Protective & Marine Coatings coating solutions
PPG’s expanded portfolio of coatings includes solutions for a range of wastewater management processes, including collections, primary and secondary treatment, sludge handling and disinfection. A comprehensive range of coatings provide optimum corrosion and chemical resistance based on the environment (immersive or atmospheric), the substrate being protected (concrete or steel) and specific performance requirements. The expanded portfolio combines PPG RAVEN and PPG AQUATAFLEX coating systems for aggressive underwater concrete applications with a variety of proven PPG coating solutions for exterior and interior steel tanks, basins and facility infrastructure. 888-977-4762;

Envirosight ROVVER X SAT II all-in-one lateral system
Envirosight’s new ROVVER X SAT II lateral launch inspection crawler maneuvers around obstacles and challenging pipe geometries to rapidly detect gas line cross bores in sewers and other hard-to-reach defects. The crawler can travel as far as 984 feet down mainlines at speeds up to 98 feet per minute, then launch its camera probe as far as 147 feet down adjoining service connections, at up to 23 feet per minute. The ROVVER X SAT II also features a belt-driven push mechanism that minimizes wear on the push rod while maximizing pushing force. The design, which is easy to clean and has field-replaceable belts, is intended to increase uptime and keep maintenance costs low. Steerable 8-wheel drive makes it easier to move past debris, roots, offsets and protruding taps. During launch, the pan/tilt lateral camera with detachable steering wand navigates through bends and branches in lateral lines. 866-936-8476;

Industrial Flow Solutions OverWatch pump system
Industrial Flow Solutions’ OverWatch pump system lifts influent at the point of entry, eliminating the wet well. Effluent is contained, eliminating odors and reducing maintenance. The stainless-steel body is designed to withstand the effects of corrosion from harsh materials and solutions, making OverWatch an ideal solution for the municipal, industrial and commercial industries. In addition, the system has HMI touchscreen controls to further simplify operations. 860-631-3618;

Advanced Drainage Systems EcoPure BioFilter
Advanced Drainage Systems’s EcoPure BioFilter urban stormwater management solution is engineered for low-impact developments and green infrastructure projects requiring design flexibility, application of diverse plant life and hassle-free installation and maintenance. The device, which is available is multiple sizes ranging from 4 feet by 8 feet to 10 feet by 20 feet, is appropriate for new construction and retrofit commercial jobs. EcoPure BioFilter is NJCAT-NJDEP approved and can be easily configured to fit curb inlet, direct-pipe connection and roof drains. The device arrives on site ready to be installed, and its design delivers a water flow-rate advantage of 60 gpm. In some instances, fewer systems may be needed because of EcoPure BioFilter’s capability to handle more water. 800-821-6710;

Century Products Falcon FR hole opener
The Falcon FR (field replaceable) hole openers from Century Products are available in 18- to 30-inch sizes with 12.5- and 17-inch cutters available in TCI conical, TCI chisel or milled tooth configurations. With the ability to go from pilot hole to 24 inches in a single pass, the Falcon FR design reduces downtime, improving bottom-line performance. The solid body design virtually eliminates cutter flex, maximizing the energy directed to fracturing rock. The hole opener is designed for rigs 200,000 pounds and less. 262-820-3600;

GeoTree Solutions GeoSpray HCE geopolymer mortar
GeoSpray HCE (highly corrosive environments) is a new addition to GeoTree Solutions’ GeoSpray range of geopolymer mortars that are hand or spray cast to form a pipe within a pipe. The material, which sets stronger than concrete, has been engineered to withstand the corrosive environments of sewers, areas storing or transporting industrial water, manholes, wet wells, wastewater, lift station tanks and containment areas (pH less than 2.0 and high hydrogen sulfide environments). GeoSpray fiber-reinforced mortar that looks and feels like Portland cement, but with higher performance properties. The unique mortar chemistry provides superior flexural and compressive strength, as well as ultra-low porosity and high self-bonding which eliminates cold joints. GeoSpray geopolymer is intended for use through multiple application techniques including pouring, troweling, spraying, or centrifugal/spin casting. 877-489-4909;


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