Product News: February 2022

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Product News: February 2022

OZ Lifting Products Tele-Pro davit crane
OZ Lifting Products’ patented Tele-Pro davit crane features an industry-first telescoping boom adjustment that can be moved in and out while under load. A ratchet screw jack allows the user to adjust the boom from horizontal to 45 degrees while under load and the 360-degree rotation of the crane allows a full range of motion. Smart latch technology at the boom/mast means no tools are required for assembly. A zinc-plated finish provides added corrosion protection. The Tele-Pro is available in 500-, 1,200- and 2,500- pound capacities. AC and DC electric winches are optional on the 500- and 1,200-pound models, or manual winch with drill drive adapter is available for all three models. The cranes are made in the U.S. and each one is individually tested and certified at 125%. 800-749-1064; 

REED Bevel Boss cordless pipe bevelers
Bevel Boss cordless pipe bevelers from REED Manufacturing quickly and safely bevel 2-inch-diameter and larger plastic pipe. The tool’s unique design allows the Bevel Boss to offer a safe and speedy way to bevel. A cordless pipe beveler trims small- to large-diameter plastic pipe, including pipe already in the ditch. The lightweight tool significantly reduces prep time by quickly and consistently beveling when preparing multiple pipe lengths. They can be used on PVC and CPVC plastic pipe including C900, Corzan CPVC, Bionax PVCO (C909) and ABS. Bevels can be added on most PVC glued joints and some sizes of bell and gasket joints. Adjustable for bevel length up to 1 inch, the required carbide router bits cut evenly and efficiently. Due to it being battery-powered, there are no fumes. Plus, the guide plate eliminates guesswork about the bevel and yields a consistent result. 800-666-3691;

Vortex AccuPower high-pressure water blaster
The Vortex Companies’ Vortex AccuPower high-pressure water blaster is capable of removing hardened concrete, heavy debris and CIPP lining without damaging host pipes. The AccuPower system can be quickly configured on a Schwalm robot within 10 minutes, eliminating the need for existing Schwalm robot owners to invest in a new one. Engineered for pipes 8 to 40 inches in diameter, it has powerful 40,000 psi output and precisely calibrated jets, avoiding compromising host pipes or original infrastructure. The water blaster offers more than 40 jet and nozzle options, including a 12-lance, for maximum versatility and customization for any obstruction and environment. Additionally, AccuPower jets are manufactured with diamond material to protect against wear and eliminate the need for replacement jets. 855-949-3441;


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