Product News: March 2022

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Product News: March 2022

OZ Lifting Products stainless series
OZ Lifting Products’ stainless steel range includes chain hoists, trolleys and beam clamps, all designed for use in corrosive environments. The centerpiece of the line is the lightweight stainless steel chain hoist, which helps lift loads with minimal effort but is durable enough for the industry’s most demanding applications. The hoists feature fully enclosed gearing; fully machined lift wheel; weatherproof holding brake; roller bearings on all gears and shafts; and forged stainless steel hooks and safety latches. Chain hoists, like the trolleys, are available in 1/2-, 1- and 2-ton capacities. The stainless push beam trolley fits most I, S and W beams and has precision ball bearing trolley wheels. The beam clamps are available in 1 and 2 ton capacities. All products in the line are made from Type 304 stainless steel and come with individual test certificate and serial number. 800-749-1064;

Patterson Davit Cranes
Give your operations a lift with Patterson Davit Cranes, available in ½-ton and 1-ton capacities. The low maintenance, easy-to-assemble design offers adequate reach to accommodate lifting large loads within tight spaces, and a boom that can be adjusted to nearly 45 degrees to allow for clearance over obstructions such as handrails. Built for durability, it comes standard with a hot-dipped galvanized finish and stainless steel hardware to prevent rust and corrosion in wet work environments. Following Patterson’s tradition of safety-focused innovation, the davit features a reliable brake to keep loads in position without creeping. For over 160 years Patterson has been a trusted supplier of winches, rigging, fittings and custom products for lifting applications. Patterson Davit Cranes are made in the U.S.A. and deliver on the company’s promise of helping businesses run safer, easier and faster. Find out how Patterson can improve employee safety and positively impact your bottom line. 800-322-2018

Elastec DrumIt drum-filling vacuum head
Elastec’s DrumIt is a drum-filling vacuum head with an automatic shut-off setup. Simply connect the DrumIt to any vacuum source, such as a vacuum truck, to intercept liquids or solids. DrumIt fills each drum to a consistent level every time. The lid assembly is constructed in stainless steel and fitted with a 3- or 4-inch camlock coupling. It is suitable for U.S. standard 55-gallon open-top oil drums with an opening diameter of just under 24 inches. (Oil drum sold separately.) 618-382-2525;

Mueller Water Products HYMAX Grip for gate valves and hydrants
Mueller Water Products now offers its HYMAX Grip restraint on the 4- to 12-inch A-2361 Mueller Resilient Wedge Gate Valves and Super Centurion 250 fire hydrants. It is a versatile, single-bolt restraint capable of joining a wide selection of pipe types and diameters, resulting in easier, more flexible installations. The factory-assembled grip restraint reduces installation time and effort. Coupled with the A-2361 Mueller RWGV and Super Centurion 250 fire hydrant, the HYMAX Grip restraint helps to drive improvements in planning, efficiency and cost savings within the water network. 800-423-1323;

Hercules Shutout manhole sealant and lubricant
Hercules, a part of the Oatey family of companies, launched Shutout, a nontoxic, universal manhole sealant and lubricant that reduces inflow and makes manhole maintenance easier. Shutout is applied to manhole frames to create a seal, enabling airtight and watertight frames and cover interfaces. It adheres to dry, wet, hot and cold surfaces, offering optimal protection in both freezing and high temperatures. Using Shutout requires no additional training and only takes a couple of minutes to apply, including preparation and cleanup. Applied with a caulking tube, Shutout can be easily transported for use as part of regular operations and maintenance activities. Shutout also makes it easier to open manhole covers, providing lubrication that prevents rust and corrosion between the two metal surfaces, decreasing the force required to open the cover. 800-321-9532;

QED Well Wizard ST100 groundwater sampling pump
QED Environmental Systems’ Well Wizard ST1000 groundwater sampling pump provides high sample accuracy and reliability of QED’s Well Wizard dedicated bladder pumps in a smaller-diameter format. The sampling device is the heart of every low-flow groundwater monitoring system. The 0.8-inch ST1000 can sample wells as small as 1 inch in diameter at depths over 600 feet, and wells can be sampled at almost unlimited depth with its optional drop tube inlet kit. The pump also fits larger wells with partial obstruction. It has a 316 stainless steel construction and uses QED’s exclusive DuraFlex PTFS bladder formulation. The pump has an operating pressure of up to 300 psi. 800-810-9908;

Vac-Con PRO hose reel
The PRO hose reel from Vac-Con offers 16 feet of traversing motion across the front of the machine and 180-degree articulation for 69.6-square-feet of working coverage. With 115% more coverage than the standard Vac-Con articulating hose reel, this flexibility allows operators access to manhole and lift station locations without having to park the unit precisely over the job site. A front-mounted camera system and companion ARC visual screen provides 180 degrees of visibility to the driver in the cab with a generous range to park the unit and still have access to the manhole. Adjustable motions allow for any operator to comfortably use the system. The control panel features 4 rotational positions, an 8-inch vertical adjustment and an arm rest at the joystick. The PRO Reel can accommodate up to 850 feet of 1-inch hose. 904-284-4200;


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