CUES SPiDER Offers Wireless 3D Manhole Inspection With Color Imagery

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CUES SPiDER Offers Wireless 3D Manhole Inspection With Color Imagery

Matthew Call

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Municipal workers and contractors looking for wireless color manhole inspection technology in a lightweight and compact form should consider the SPiDER Scanner by CUES. Three-dimensional scanning is a new technology in the sewer industry, according to a company spokesperson.

Existing manhole cameras use panoramic photographic imagery (360-degree horizontal stitched imagery), but what CUES offers is laser surveying. 

With 3D scanning technology, manholes can now be documented in true 3D (360-degree spherical instead of panoramic horizontal), creating a mesh with 1 mm accurate density. The mesh can be used to document the structural change of a manhole before and after rehabilitation (CIPP lining or coating) up to 100 feet deep.

Wireless convenience

The scanner can wirelessly calculate its position in the manhole shaft by using its sensor data to measure its incremental motion horizontally or vertically — a first in the manhole inspection industry, according to the manufacturer. This technology frees inspections from problems associated with poorly calibrated cable counters or carrying heaving cables to inspect difficult-to-access manholes.   

The SPiDER scanner weighs less than 30 pounds and can be easily carried to difficult sites and only requires a tablet to control it. This portability is possible because the processing computer and battery supply are located on the camera.

SPiDER collects millions of 3D measurements during each inspection so the manhole can be measured to less than 5 mm accuracy in manholes as deep as 100 feet and as wide as 15 feet. Typical accuracy is 1 mm.

The SPiDER point cloud also measures manhole structural changes before and after rehabilitation, and it functions with all National Association of Sewer Service Cos, Manhole Assessment and Certification Program software.

The CUES SPiDER is a user-friendly 3D manhole scanner with wireless technology for MACP inspections, and it’s capable of measuring the thickness of rehabilitation liners.

The company’s warehouses stock more than $10 million worth of inventory to support its customers and production requirements, resulting in reduced lead times for spare parts and completed systems. All systems and repairs are completed under strict quality-control standards, facilitating continuous improvement for all equipment.

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