Learn How to Connect and Protect Your Team

Discover how work teams are leveraging easy-to-use wireless technology and state-of-the-art hearing protection to overcome the challenges of high-noise work environments

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Learn How to Connect and Protect Your Team

In a dangerous work zone, what’s more important: communication or hearing protection? It’s not fair to make workers choose the lesser of two evils, but it happens often as the battle between safety regulations and operational efficiency rages on. 

This paper reviews the conflict between hearing protection and communication in high-noise environments, what’s at stake in terms of productivity and safety, and how only an integrated wireless solution can simultaneously keep work crews safe, connected and mobile.

In Integrated Communication and Hearing Protection for High-Noise Work Environments, Sonetics examines the communication versus hearing protection dilemma in detail, including:

  • The challenges of hearing and communicating in high noise
  • Common objections to wearing traditional hearing protection
  • The problems with partial solutions
  • The benefits of a fully integrated wireless communication solution
  • High-noise use cases across a broad range of industries

Download the white paper here.


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