New Easy-to-Steer Micro Pan & Tilt Camera

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New Easy-to-Steer Micro Pan & Tilt Camera

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CUES has developed a new lateral pan-and-tilt camera. The new CUES Micro Pan & Tilt camera is designed to work with the LAMP II lateral launcher as an optional pan-and-tilt push camera. The camera is designed to be steerable to navigate through multiple wyes when traversing 45- or 90-degree bends or sweeps. It can be easily deployed with or against the flow. The camera includes a detachable steering wand, an automatic, powered, self-leveling camera head, built-in lens wiper, and two banks of LEDs with variable light intensity. Additional features include 360 degree pan and tilt, and built-in sonde with switchable frequencies.

  • Built-in multifrequency sonde transmitter, 512 Hz or 8 kHz
  • Direct the camera and lights to observe all pipeline defects
  • Built-in camera lens wiper; no need to remove the camera from the pipe to clean the lens
  • Detachable steering wand to navigate through multiple wyes

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