Product News: January 2023

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Product News: January 2023

Find Sources of Sewer and Plumbing Odors and Inflow with Superior 5E Smoke Blower
Smoke testing is a cost-effective solution ideal for hard-to-find odors, leaks and other faults in commercial, residential and municipal facilities. It’s a quick and effective way to find plumbing faults when testing laterals and building plumbing. The Superior 5E Electric Smoke Blower gently pushes smoke throughout the system to find cracks, leaks and quickly identify problems. It takes only minutes to set up the blower and seconds to see the results. Superior’s 5E Electric Smoke Blower easily connects to any clean-out, port or vent to smoke test the entire system. Made in the USA, the durable 5E is complete with 8 feet of industrial grade hose. Use with 1A or 2B Superior smoke candles which create 4,000 or 8,000 cubic feet of smoke, respectively. Superior’s smoke candles are also sold in convenient SealPac cans which extend shelf life. 732-251-0800;

OZ Lifting Aluma-Lite davit cranes
OZ Lifting Products announced the new Aluma-Lite davit crane for wastewater and water operators. The Winona, Minnesota-based manufacturer has released the ultra-portable davit crane in 500- and 1,000-pound capacities, each available with three bases: pedestal, socket (flush-mount) or wall-mount. The Aluma-Lite 500 weighs in at 24 pounds with a maximum capacity of 500 pounds and the Aluma-Lite 1,000 weighs in at 47 pounds with a maximum capacity of 1,000 pounds. Both fold flat for easy storage or transportation, and are made of aerospace/military grade aluminum. The cranes are available with a manual winch (including drill drive adapter), AC or DC electric winches. The Aluma-Lites have a durable, powder-coated finish, no tools are needed for assembly/disassembly, and they are made in the USA. 800-749-1064;

ADS AV|Max monitoring sensor
The AV|Max is the newest sensor in ADS Environmental Services’ flow monitoring sensor family. The AV|Max is an area-velocity sensor for the ADS TRITON+ monitors. The wetted sensor is installed directly in the pipe flow to provide consistent, high-quality data collection capability. Its low-profile, impact-resistant polycarbonate housing with recessed sensors brings new levels of durability in sewer flows. The sensor design is tested and proven to collect accurate and consistent data in depths from 1 to 60 inches and in flows of up to 30 feet per second. In areas of intermittent no-flows (dry-pipe) ADS recommends the AV|Max Sensor can be used in combination with one of ADS’ non-contact sensors. The sensor measures four key parameters: depth — using ultrasonic UpDepth, depth — pressure, velocity — continuous wave ultrasonic Doppler and water temperature. 877-237-9585;

Aquasight ACE Rain Heatmaps and Storm Catalog
Aquasight’s ACE Rain Heatmaps and Storm Catalog solution provide critical insights to storm events in time for utilities to minimize flooding impacts or potential sewer overflows. It provides actionable, data-driven insights into current, past and forecasted storm events, enabling all aspects of wastewater utility operations from operator to utility executive to make better, more informed decisions. The GIS-based solution provides rapid, automated and on-the-fly live and historical storm event records correlated to each utility’s unique design storm distributions. It provides powerful analytics to make accurate visualization of storm event characteristics for rapid, proactive response to the effects of extreme rainfall events. It also merges sewer flows and levels across sewer shed. 248-590-2190;

Vermeer CS GT vacuum excavator water kit
Vermeer expanded the capabilities of its CS GT vacuum excavators with an optional water kit. Now horizontal directional drilling crews and light-duty vacuum operators can soft dig (pothole) utilities and power wash equipment and hard surfaces with this system. The optional water kit comes with a 100-gallon freshwater tank and a pump capable of delivering 2,500 psi at a flow rate of 3.5 gpm. The water kit is factory installed and available on all new CS GT models. 352-728-2222;

Quest Controls TELSEC CPM monitoring system
The TELSEC system from Quest Controls is designed to address the monitoring and alarming requirements of critical infrastructure equipment and facilities that are without a network connection. This compact intuitive system provides wireless network connectivity to monitor environmental conditions like temperature, humidity, intrusion, AC/DC power, ATS, generators, fuel level and other critical systems found in small remote locations such as cell tower sites, microwave sites, repeater sites and equipment cabinets. The product provides a cellular connection northbound to a NOC (or other management stations) and provides network connectivity to southbound devices using standard port forwarding. The TELSEC CPM features encrypted communications protocols with support for IPv6, IPv4, HTTP, HTTPS, RADIUS password authentication, SSH, SNMP v1, v2c, v3, TL1 and SMTP (email). The TELSEC CPM can act as a standalone device or be integrated into Quest’s OspreyFMS enterprise software, providing users a comprehensive view and management of all critical facilities. 941-729-4799;

Mueller Water Products EchoShore monitoring sensor
The EchoShore-DX leak monitoring system from Mueller Water Products has expanded to include the new valve-based sensors to complement the existing hydrant-based leak detection system. Both sensors are rugged and non-invasive, and they work together seamlessly. Ramp up your reliability with up to 10-year battery life and 5G network compatibility. Get coverage where you need it, and detect, locate and monitor leaks before they form. 800-423-1323;


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