​Five Useful Tools and Components for Manhole Maintenance​

​Five Useful Tools and Components for Manhole Maintenance​

The Spin-Jet from USB-USA.

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The complexity of manhole operations demands versatile, efficient and reliable components and tools to ensure optimal functionality and safety. Manhole parts and tools range from hooks for prying open manhole covers to inspection devices that enable precise assessments of conditions inside manholes. The development and improvement of these tools have focused on enhancing their durability, effectiveness and ease of use. Take a look at some of these useful tools below.

USB-USA Spin-Jet
The Spin-Jet from USB-USA is a self-centering, controlled rotating nozzle that is used for cleaning lift stations, barrels and manholes prior to rehabilitation. Available in two different versions, it has driving nozzles that rotate in a 360-degree horizontal plane only. This action eliminates the need to cover the manhole during operation, allowing for constant viewing of the cleaning process. Front jets thoroughly clean any grease, sludge or mud at the bottom. 844-285-5770; www.usb-usa.com

Cherne Air-Loc Manhole Cover Hooks
Cherne Air-Loc Manhole Cover Hooks are forged with hexagonal steel for extra strength, providing a simple tool to pry open manhole covers. Available with flat or 90-degree handles, the hooks are available in four variations, from 24 to 36 inches. 952-933-5501; www.cherneind.com

The CUES SPiDER allows technicians to inspect vertical structures in minutes, helping them make reliable repair decisions. It is flexible enough to inspect structures from 15 inches to 15 feet wide and up to 75 feet deep. It allows for a rapid inspection time with a non-stop rate of descent of 5 feet per minute. Its portable design eliminates excess hardware like cables and footage encoders. Its durable and waterproof solid aluminum design has been field-proven in over 250,000 inspections exhibiting minimal maintenance. The easy process can get the technician started inspecting in minutes out of the case. Lenient technology minimizes the rules to inspect and ensures assessments are done right the first time. Quality control tools are available to the field crew and office staff. It features automated data transfer from the field to the office, with accurate results with sub-inch 3D models and embedded GPS. It is compatible with all NASSCO-certified software. 800-327-7791; www.cuesinc.com

RELINER/Duran conveyance products
RELINER/Duran provides a full range of products specifically developed to provide efficient, controlled conveyance of flow through manholes. Inside drop bowls capture inflow and convey it directly to the invert channel though the drop pipe. They are available with outlets ranging from 4 to 24 inches and are available to fit most round and flat-walled structures. Force line hoods are available for high velocity inlets. Stainless pipe support brackets securely fasten drop pipes or any other pipes to structure walls. Available in type 304 or type 316 stainless, they are noncorrosive and adjustable to align the drop pipe properly to the Drop Bowl. Modular manhole invert channels are made from marine-grade fiberglass, providing a consistent cross-sectional area with very high-flow capacity for the most efficient conveyance through the manhole. 800-508-6001; www.reliner.com

The INFRA-RISER rubber composite adjustment riser from EJ is a simple, efficient, long-lasting solution for-manhole structure damage problems. Concentrated loads in high-stress areas cause structure failure and infiltration points. The dampening and compression properties of the adjustment riser help dissipate traffic vibrations and evenly distribute loads over the entire supporting structure. When installed according to guidelines, the INFRA-RISER creates a virtual tight seal between the manhole chimney structure and the manhole or catch basin frame. Infiltration prevention and dampening of the traffic loads help maximize the performance and extend the lifetime of infrastructures, while achieving significant cost savings. These adjustment risers are available in standard and custom shapes for a variety of applications and are made from 92% recycled materials. 800-626-4653; www.ejco.com


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