Rehabilitate and Protect Manholes With These Four Liners

Rehabilitate and Protect Manholes With These Four Liners

Sure-Grip liners from AGRU America.

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Advancements in the field of manhole rehabilitation are providing innovative solutions for maintaining the integrity and enhancing the lifespan of aging infrastructural systems. From high-density polyethylene liners that mitigate corrosion to rapid-curing lining systems that offer faster turnaround times and minimized road disruptions, these state-of-the-art technologies are revolutionizing the way manhole maintenance and rehabilitation projects are carried out.

AGRU America Sure-Grip
Sure-Grip liners from AGRU America are made of HDPE, HDPE-el, PP, PVDF or ECTFE, and serve as a long-term alternative to spray-applied concrete protection products. The liners prevent concrete corrosion and degradation, can substantially extend the lifetime of a structure, and by preventing exfiltration and infiltration, provide direct protection for the environment. The liners have anchoring systems that enable construction in areas of significant backpressure. Unlike spray-applied liners, which have to be reapplied regularly due to cracking or delamination, these liners are long-lasting and designed to avoid the residuals cost often associated with concrete spray-on liners, which require tank emptying and cleaning every few years for reapplication.

HammerHead Trenchless Bluelight LED
The redesigned Bluelight LED CIPP lining system for laterals and small drainpipes from HammerHead Trenchless uses a specially formulated resin that only cures under light in the “blue” wavelength, giving installers a significantly longer working time between liner wet-out and curing. Once installed, the automated curing system pulls the LED light head through the liner, curing the resin almost instantly — up to five times faster than other methods. Instead of waiting hours for the liner to cure, a 50-foot sewer line could be fully cured in under 10 minutes. 800-331-6653;

Perma-Liner Industries Perma-Main Top Gun 
The Perma-Main Top Gun from Perma-Liner Industries is a manhole-to-manhole, continuous inversion lining system. It is specifically designed to rehabilitate 8- to 24-inch-diameter pipelines in only a few hours with no excavation or disruption in substrate. The liner is air-inverted through existing manholes and steam cured in as little as 90 minutes using compact 750,000-Btu dry steam generators. This minimizes repair time, road closures and reconstruction, and allows for safe reactivation of the repaired pipeline in just hours. Because the system can be continuously fed, there is no limit to the length of material it can invert. Depending on the infrastructure, the installation lengths for liners typically average 300 to more than 600 feet. Prep time is minimal because all liner materials are premeasured and delivered to the repair location pre-saturated. 866-336-2568;

Sprayroq SprayWall 
SprayWall from Sprayroq is a rigid polyurethane material that provides structural integrity and infiltration control to underground infrastructure assets. It is a 2-1-ratio product that is applied via a heated, plural component spray system. It begins to gel in about eight seconds and is tack-free after two minutes. Within 30 to 60 minutes, the initial cure is complete and the structure is capable of accepting flow. The benefits include its structural capacity, which provides for protection against multiple load components within an underground asset including water, soil and traffic loads. In addition, it allows an asset owner to return a structure to service quickly, creating a huge savings on bypass cost, as well as decreasing the overall downtime for a given structure. It is also third-party tested and most recently has undergone significant successful evaluations through AASHTO. 205-957-0020;


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