Break Through Blockages With These Six Powerful Cable Machines

Break Through Blockages With These Six Powerful Cable Machines

Milwaukee Tool’s M18 FUEL Sewer Sectional Machine

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From residential plumbing repairs to large-scale municipal sewer maintenance, cable machines play an indispensable role. These devices are engineered to tackle tough obstructions from small household clogs to major sewer blockages. They use a combination of mechanical force and rotational action to break through stubborn obstructions. With versatility in application and size, some are compact enough for home use while others are robust and heavy-duty, suited for commercial or industrial purposes. Check out some product options below.

Milwaukee Tool M18 FUEL Sewer Sectional Machine
Milwaukee Tool’s M18 FUEL Sewer Sectional Machine with CABLE DRIVE Automatic Feed and Retract has the power to clear tough blockages in 2-to-8-inch sewer lateral lines. The POWERSTATE Brushless Motor and REDLINK PLUS Intelligence delivers the power to clear roots up to 200 feet out, providing full power at the maximum capacity of the machine. The sewer cable machine features CABLE DRIVE Automatic Feed and Retract system. This system reduces user fatigue by eliminating the need to manually pull back the heavy cable from the pipes. An enclosed cable carrier ensures the best protection and mess containment during transportation and can be stacked for easier storage. The sewer sectional is compatible with ONE-KEY, so it can be wirelessly tracked, managed and secured. 800-728-3878;

Duracable DM55
When up against a sewer line that’s been infiltrated by tough tree roots, the DM55 machine from Duracable can be used. With the versatility to clear obstructions from 2- to 10-inch lines, it is suitable for municipal, commercial and residential work. The direct-drive 10-1 gear box ratio provides all the torque needed to tackle heavy roots. A power cable feed and return on this machine makes it easy to use. It comes standard with 110 to 150 feet of 11/16-inch hollow core cable in a 26-inch reel, but the user can switch to 3/4-inch cable when needed. Duracable’s lineup of tough, heat-treated and coated blades make it ready for any root removal job. 800-247-4081;

Electric Eel Model C
The Model C dual-cable sectional drain cleaner from Electric Eel runs up to 200 feet of 1 1/4-inch, self-feeding dual cable in 8- or 10-foot sections that require no handling when rotating. It spins cable at twice the revolutions per minute of a continuous cable machine for cleaning 3- to 10-inch lines for distances up to 200 feet. One-person operation means less time and labor expense. A heavy-duty, 1/2 hp motor comes standard, and 3/4 and 1 hp motors are also available. A custom-designed gearbox ensures higher quality, lower cost and parts availability. The heavy-duty, fully adjustable safety clutch keeps cable and tool breakage to a minimum and provides overload protection. A fold-down handle allows for easy transport, storage and use in crawl spaces. Its carry handle allows for balance and easy transport. 800-833-1212;

General Pipe Cleaners Flexi-Rooter 100
The Flexi-Rooter 100 high-speed, flexible-shaft drain cleaner from General Pipe Cleaners has a shaft that spins more than 10 times faster than cable drum machines to quickly grind up stoppages and scour pipe walls. Its stronger, stiffer shaft is flexible enough to navigate 2-inch pipes, yet strong enough to cut roots in 4-inch drainlines up to 75 feet long. The variable-speed motor easily lets you adjust shaft speed from 0 to 2,200 rpm. Its safe foot pedal control frees both hands to guide the flexible shaft into the line. Operators can simultaneously use it with a sewer camera system to pinpoint pipe troubles and instantly inspect results. Its cleaning array features ClogChopper cutters at the business end combined with carbide chain cutters. The shaft is field-repairable. 800-245-6200;

Gorlitz Sewer & Drain Model GO 68HD
The Model GO 68HD heavy-duty electric drain cleaning machine from Gorlitz Sewer & Drain is available in two different versions, either with an open steel reel or enclosed polyethylene drum, and it can be outfitted with an optional power feeder. Standard configuration is 150 feet of 11/16-inch hollow-core cable, which should reach most blockages with a single reel. Overall weight of the machine is 185 pounds. Adding a loading ramp and electric winch to any vehicle makes transportation quick and simple. It is designed to clean pipes from 3 to 8 inches in diameter. 877-446-7548;

RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine Accessories
RIDGID FlexShaft Drain Cleaning Machine accessories are designed to provide wall-to-wall cleaning in 1 1/4- to 6-inch residential and commercial pipes in conjunction with any RIDGID FlexShaft model. Accessories include a variety of chain knockers and brushes designed to quickly clean pipe. Chain knockers come in standard, carbide-tipped or penetrating-head versions that expand to the size of the pipe, clearing the entire pipe circumference of grease, sludge, small tree roots and soft blockages with less mess and enhanced speed. Additional accessories include 1/4- and 5/16-inch DeadCore Cables, designed for the FlexShaft K9-102 and K9-204, that are stiffer and easier to repair for milling applications, and nylon and nylon/steel brushes to deliver final pipe cleaning and relining preparation. FlexShaft machines allow for inspection cameras to remain in-pipe throughout the entire drain cleaning process for maximum efficiency. 800-474-3443;


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