Get More Power and Precision With the Latest in Jetter Technology

Get More Power and Precision With the Latest in Jetter Technology

The 58 Series Inferno Burner Hot Jetter from American Jetter

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The jetter industry is witnessing a wave of technologies that aim to reshape the way we approach sewer line maintenance and cleaning. Among the latest advancements are high-performance jetters that deliver exceptional heat efficiency, superior cleaning power and compact designs. These solutions incorporate powerful engines, precise control mechanisms and features like hydraulic hose reels, polyethylene water tanks and versatile nozzle options. Take a look at some of the leading jetter products below.

American Jetter 58 Series Inferno Burner Hot Jetter
The 58 Series Inferno Burner Hot Jetter from American Jetter offers up to 67% more efficient heat over traditional burners. This super fuel-saving hot water system packs extra cleaning power for grease cutting and deicing. Consistent power comes from a 38 hp EFI Kohler gasoline engine with flows up to 20 gpm and pressure to 5,000 psi. The rear speed control reel provides precise cleaning speeds and easy access to the jet hose with the included hose guide. Low water shutoff stops the engine if the 220-gallon tank runs low. The optional 1-mile open range wireless remote option features water ON/OFF, engine shutdown and hose reel control. The heavy-duty square tubing trailer has a 2-inch ball coupler and standard electric brakes. 866-944-3569;

Cam Spray 3012H Compact Skid Mount Jetter
The 3012H Compact Skid Mount Jetter from Cam Spray is designed for a high cube van or pickup bed and takes up as little space as possible while providing 12 gpm at 3,000 psi. Features include a Honda iGX800 fuel-injected gasoline engine with oil alert and hour meter, powering a gearbox-driven plunger pump with ceramic plungers, stainless steel valves, pressure gauge and 80-mesh water filter. The pump is protected by an unloader valve and secondary pop-off. A power pulse feature is used for navigating longer runs and elbows. The 100-gallon tank includes low water shut-off and a float valve to manage filling the tank. An industrial-coated skid platform and frame offers transferability among vans, trucks and trailers, while mounting flanges and d-rings allow for the machine to be fastened or tied down. The machine measures 52 inches long by 41.5 inches wide by 50 inches tall. 800-648-5011;

GapVax G7 Jetter 
The G7 Jetter from GapVax is built on a heavy-duty, contractor-grade NATM-certified trailer. Several engine choices, including Cummins diesel, are certified and sized appropriately for the water pump combinations. The unit’s hose reel is hydraulically powered with a direct-drive gearbox and variable-speed control. The hose reel offers a 3-foot (curbside) articulation from center of bearing, 180-degree rotation and a capacity of 800 feet of 3/4-inch jetter hose. The polyethylene plastic water tank is available in 300-, 500-, 600- or 700-gallon capacities. The water pump is center-fed for optimum performance. The controller is interlocked with safety features that will show low fuel levels and low water, and is capable of a complete engine shutdown in an emergency. 888-442-7829;

Hi-Vac O’Brien 3500 Series Water Jetter
The O’Brien 3500 Series Water Jetter from Hi-Vac delivers power in a lightweight design for sewer line, basin and culvert cleaning. Ideal for commercial, industrial and residential projects, it provides pressure capabilities up to 4,000 psi and flow ranges from 10 to 40 gpm. The single-axle trailer provides impressive maneuverability for working in areas where space is limited or in residential areas where a smaller footprint is required. A 190-degree, hydraulically driven hose reel allows for easy access to the manhole regardless of the position of the trailer. It features a rugged frame design for heavy-duty applications and a Tier 4 Final, U.S.-made diesel engine for more torque at a lower noise level. A tough polyethylene tank stands up to harsh weather conditions. 800-752-2400;

HotJet USA HotJet II
The HotJet USA HotJet II trailer-mounted jetter is available with hydraulic hose reels and a 37 hp Vanguard fuel-injected engine. Operating with hot or cold water, it runs at 12 gpm at 4,000 psi, cleaning 2-to-12-inch lines, making it an alternative between small-output and larger-output machines. It arrives turnkey with a 330-gallon water tank, detergent tanks and full power-washing capabilities for cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing after the job. It includes a hydraulic hose reel, heavy-duty 7,000-pound-rated tandem axle trailer (single axle also available), rear control panel with remote control, two heavy-duty diamond-plate side toolboxes and one front toolbox. 800-624-8186;

Mongoose Jetters 184 
The Enz 10.060B-TR Chain Scraper along with the Mongoose Jetters 184 can do an ideal job of descaling cast iron pipes, removing tree roots, hard mineral deposits and concrete residue from newly installed sewer lines. When switching the head to a milling cutter head, it has been able to remove hard concrete in 2-to-4-inch lines. The nozzle can alternate from link chain to bicycle chain that has manganese plates at the end and different size skids to centralize the nozzle. It can operate in 2- , 4- , 6- and 8-inch pipes. 877-735-4640;

MyTana Compact Jetters
MyTana offers two compact and budget-friendly truck-mounted jetters suitable for medium-duty work vans and box trucks. Each delivers 15 gpm at 4,000 psi for work in lines up to 24 inches. The smaller Economic has a hydraulic hose reel which swivels 225 degrees and holds 300 feet of 1/2-inch hose. A second reel is for a water fill hose. The EcoFit features three reels. Two hydraulic hose reels swivel 270 degrees along with the control panel, each with a hose entry guide. The main reel has 300 feet of 1/2-inch hose but could hold up to 550 feet of hose. The second reel can hold up to 300 feet of 1/2-inch hose. A third reel houses the water fill hose. Both models include a handheld remote-control unit and pulse action. They are built by ROM. 800-328-8170;

Super Products SuperJet
The SuperJet truck-mounted jetter from Super Products is used to blast debris to clear blockages and maintain sewer lines when vacuuming extraction is not required. It uses a strong and smooth single-piston water pump to create consistently high water pressure. Units come standard with rotationally molded polyethylene water tanks in a modular design to accommodate water capacities ranging from 1,080 to 3,240 gallons. Additionally, they offer convenient standard curbside and street-side fill. The hose reel has 1,000 feet of 1-inch-diameter sewer hose, 200-degree rotation and a digital monitor. This allows operators to work efficiently while positioning themselves out of traffic and away from other hazards. The monitor displays a hose footage count, offers 20 saved settings for hose reel payout and is designed with LED panel lights to enable readability in a variety of environments. 800-837-9711;

Vacall AllJet
Vacall’s AllJet truck-mounted jetter is an easy-to-operate, efficient sewer root maintenance machine. The hydraulically powered triplex plunger water pump is capable of 87 gpm at 2,000 psi with other power options available. The hose reel telescopes out 54 inches from a retracted position and swivels 200 degrees to properly direct the 600-foot jetting hose. It uses a single-engine PTO design, and a 1,600-gallon UV-resistant polyethylene water tank. Operator-friendly features include four locking aluminum tool storage cabinets, a rear-view camera, roll-up doors and a washdown system, with options including LED lighting packages, an extendable rear canopy and a heating and insulation package inside the all-aluminum rear compartment. 800-382-8302;

Vac-Con VJ Series
The VJ Series of jetters from Vac-Con is designed to provide operators with an economical, portable and powerful system in two configurations. The VJ375 offers a 375-gallon water capacity on a single-axle trailer. The VJ750 boasts 750-gallon water capacity on a tandem-axle trailer. Standard features include Tier 4 diesel engine, cold-weather recirculation and air purge system, hydraulically driven hose reel and a reel-mounted, weatherproof electronic control panel. Units are available in multiple water pump pressure and flow configurations. Optional features include gas engine, wireless remote and an antifreeze tank system for cold-weather use. 904-284-4200;


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