New Funding Helps Cleveland Water Alliance Build a Sustainable Future​​

New Funding Helps Cleveland Water Alliance Build a Sustainable Future​​

The Cleveland Water Alliance organized the Lake Erie Volunteer Science Network, which comprises hundreds of volunteers that serve 16 different water-monitoring programs.

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In a world where water quality and sustainability are growing concerns, the Cleveland Water Alliance continues to pioneer efforts to safeguard the precious freshwater resources of the Lake Erie watershed. 

Municipal Sewer & Water previously profiled this nonprofit organization earlier this year, commending their dedication to monitoring water quality through its Volunteer Science Network, which comprises hundreds of eco-minded volunteers who serve 16 different water-monitoring programs. Their data-driven approach aimed to empower local and regional agencies, as well as utilities, to make informed decisions about water-related policies and infrastructure.

Today, we bring you an update on the progress CWA has made since then. Recently, CWA received a substantial $4 million investment from the State of Ohio. This significant funding injection will enable CWA to build out the next phase of its best-in-class testbeds and further develop its water economy workforce.

With this funding, CWA has secured over $10 million from state, local and federal partners to generate innovative answers to global freshwater issues and accelerate the Great Lakes region's water economy.

"Over the last two years, funding from the State of Ohio, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and Cuyahoga County allowed CWA's world-class testbeds to become a reality, supporting the building of the physical infrastructure of CWA’s telecommunications network," said Bryan Stubbs in a recent statement. "Now offering coverage over 6,000 square miles of open water, wetlands, creeks and rivers, CWA has established the Lake Erie Watershed as the largest digitally connected freshwater body in the world."

Climate change will continue to create water stress around the world, and the need for advanced solutions will evolve. With continued support from the State of Ohio, CWA will expand its testbed footprint, aiming to double its telecommunications coverage to 12,000 square miles. The alliance also will build opportunities to accelerate industrial-specific technologies as the region prepares to welcome water-intensive businesses — and jobs — relocating from water-scarce areas. 

"We know our region is home to a talented, eager workforce, and we look forward to harnessing the economic power of our Great Lake in the most responsible, sustainable way for the benefit of all coastal communities," said Stubbs.


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