Four Software Solutions to Take Your Asset Management to the Next Level

Four Software Solutions to Take Your Asset Management to the Next Level

The PRISM 3.0 solution platform from ADS Environmental Services.

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Software solutions are increasingly becoming the linchpin in municipal sewer and water operations, offering tools that range from asset management to data analytics. These platforms bring an unprecedented level of efficiency and accuracy, allowing for timely decision-making, optimized workflows and better management of critical infrastructure. Advanced features such as real-time monitoring, automated work orders and cloud-based data storage have propelled the industry into a new era of capabilities. Check out some software options below.

ADS Environmental Services PRISM 3.0
The PRISM 3.0 solution platform from ADS Environmental Services equips users with the necessary tools to capture, analyze, store, report and visualize actionable answers to the industry’s most critical collections system problems — prioritizing sewer cleaning and preventing SSOs, assessing RDII and measuring and managing CSOs. Updates include a home screen map with updated notification tiles and GID mapping; a notification dashboard with customer level controls for setting alarms, tiered alarm escalation and contextual alarms using ANSR entities; and the ability to save configuration settings for the location dashboard. 800-633-7246;

ITpipes Asset Management Integration
The ITpipes Asset Management Integration module provides benefits that fully and automatically integrate an asset management system with pipe inspection planning and prioritizing. When work is done, work orders are automatically created in the asset management system. Likewise, pipe inspections can be assigned to specific crews through the AMS, and performed with ITpipes in the field. Data automatically syncs each night, allowing new inspection data to be uploaded to the AMS and Esri for review, and new work orders assigned to be downloaded to the CCTV inspection vehicle. Additionally, field inspectors have a work order assignment available that shows the latest updates and is pre-populated to eliminate operator data entry. All AMS users have access to comprehensive inspection information and inspection comparison details. Schedulers, planners and engineers can create work orders based on location mapping or filtered selections using condition assessment detail. Additionally, hyperlinks allow for inspections to be sent outside of the organization. 877-487-4737;

RapidView IBAK North America IKAS Evolution
IKAS Evolution sewer analysis software from RapidView IBAK North America is capable of PACP, LACP and MACP data interface, can be adapted to the modern sewer inspection standards, and customized to the specific user’s workflow. It is available in four base bundles with over two dozen extension options including: full digital HD resolution, laser measurement and LaserScan continuous profile analysis. One module included in all four bundles is a powerful tool called 3D GeoSense. Compatible with all RapidView cameras (excluding AxialCam 2.0), each camera has an option to install a sensor that tracks the movement as it travels through the pipe. This allows it to capture distance, position and depth accurately and efficiently. 800-656-4225;

WinCan Enterprise 
WinCan Enterprise helps managers keep track of progress on different sewer projects directly from the cloud. Supporting an enterprise approach to work-order management, it gives users high-level control of project data for their whole sewer system. They can quickly break down inspection results with rating metrics and observation data, and when they are ready, all the details and raw media from individual inspections are available at the click of a button. Job maps give management teams the ability to oversee all projects currently in progress, with color-coded results that give insight into system health. Users can drill down into inspections directly from these map views or switch to a Kanban-style inspection manager to assign or move projects through their life cycle. 877-626-8386;


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