Tackle Root Problems With Advanced Chemical Technologies

Tackle Root Problems With Advanced Chemical Technologies

Foaming root control from Lenzyme Trap-Cleer

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In the ever-evolving battle against invasive roots in sewage systems, chemical solutions have emerged that provide an efficient way to manage the problem. From slow-dissolving herbicides designed to protect sewer lines, sump and ejector pumps, to advanced foaming controls with latex bases that stick to the roots for extended action, these products are redefining how root control can be safely and effectively implemented. With various sizes and application methods, these innovations offer versatility to tackle challenges across different types and sizes of sewer lines, while also catering to the needs of septic tanks and dry wells.

Lenzyme Trap-Cleer foaming root control
Foaming root control from Lenzyme Trap-Cleer has double the active ingredient, dichlobenil, compared to previous solutions, along with a latex base designed to help it stick to roots longer. It is easy to apply and provides a slower foaming action to coat the entire pipeline and eliminate fast-foamover messes. 800-223-3083; www.lenzyme.com

Oatey Hercules R-D Root Destroyer
Hercules R-D Root Destroyer from Oatey is a slow-dissolving, nonacidic, noncaustic herbicide formulated to eliminate and prevent root growth in sewer lines. By preventing sump and ejector pump root damage, it eliminates overflow damage, sewage flow restriction and backup odors. It is safe to use in lines leading to septic tanks, cesspools and dry wells, and is harmless to the environment. 800-321-9532; www.oatey.com

RootX comes in 2- and 4-pound containers. A 2-pound container is designed to treat 50 feet of 4-inch sewer line and a 4-pound container is designed to treat 100 feet of 4-inch or 75 feet of 6-inch sewer line. With the funnel/applicator it is easy to apply. Simply attach the funnel and cap to the top of the jar and shake back and forth for approximately a minute. Remove the cap and pour it into the toilet or cleanout and immediately follow it with the appropriate amount of water for the application. Restrict water usage for a minimum of 4 hours. Annual treatments are recommended. Septic tanks can also be treated simply by using 8 pounds per 1,000-gallon tank. Pump the liquid down just low enough to expose the roots. Apply the RootX to the root-infested area and add water to activate the foam. 800-844-4974; www.rootx.com


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