Software Solutions Help Water Utilities Optimize Operations

Software Solutions Help Water Utilities Optimize Operations

Antero from AllMax Software.

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As urban areas expand and water resources face increasing strain, the municipal sewer and water industry is turning to state-of-the-art software solutions to optimize operations. From meticulously tracking equipment and assets to centralizing compliance data, these advanced tools are revolutionizing the way professionals handle, analyze and report their data. With predictive analytics, real-time analysis and machine learning capabilities, today's software solutions are not only ensuring that water utilities remain compliant but are also providing actionable insights that help predict and prevent potential system failures and safeguard the community's water supply.

AllMax Software Antero
Tracking equipment and assets is a core part of Antero from AllMax Software. The equipment section creates comprehensive records on equipment with as much detail as needed, including description, location, original value and vendor information. Enter the consequence of failure and probability of failure numbers to calculate asset criticality. Review work order templates and procedures that have been created for a piece of equipment, open work orders and maintenance history. Keep track of equipment with the mapping feature. It sets up reporting success with numerous built-in stock reports, including usage and cost reports, vendor and ordering information, and employee labor. Custom reports are also available as a service through the technical support department. 800-670-1867;

Aquatic Informatics Rio 
Rio from Aquatic Informatics is a compliance and operations data management solution for water and wastewater professionals. It helps manage operations, compliance, data and reporting to stay ahead of risk and protect a community’s water supply. It can be used to centralize and organize compliance and operations data in a secure, online platform for a holistic view of the water system — integrated with electronic lab transfers and field data captured through mobile devices. It can also be used to unlock insights with data visualization and dashboards for optimized analysis and empowered decision-making. Its use can help ensure data accuracy with the calculation validation engine to produce reliable, accurate reports for regulatory requirements or internal operations. It also collects data remotely — while connected or offline — for improved visibility without any duplication of effort. It lets utilities achieve efficient, proactive operations by reviewing and analyzing data faster, supporting compliance and more informed decision-making. 877-870-2782;

infinitii flowworks pro
Operating in a growing customer base of North America’s largest water utilities, infinitii flowworks pro is a predictive analytics software suite that performs real-time analysis, checks flow monitoring status and sets alarms through a single interface, accepting all types of data from any source. It includes infinitii flowworks advanced calculation engine pro. Flowworks users can easily deploy existing algorithms and calculations from the vast Python libraries technologists use every day. Machine learning benefits include forecasting, anomaly detection, predictive maintenance and failure prediction. The types of advanced calculations easily performed include Soil and Water Integrated Model calculations that track and predict climate and land use change impacts at a regional scale, and evapotranspiration calculations used to estimate soil-moisture storage based on precipitation deficit and the maximum water-holding capacity of the soil. 778-200-2056;


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