8 Stormwater Technologies to Fortify Municipal Sewers for the Future

8 Stormwater Technologies to Fortify Municipal Sewers for the Future
Pipeline Renewal Technologies Quick-Lock

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The municipal sewer industry is incorporating a wide array of stormwater management technologies to enhance system resilience and efficiency. These innovations range from nozzles designed for cleaning lift stations and vertical pipes to advanced data reporting tools that provide in-depth analysis of stormwater impact on sewer systems. Additionally, technologies like storm drain markers and real-time data visualization tools are being utilized to protect ecosystems and optimize sewer system performance. Take a look at some of the latest products below.

Pipeline Renewal Technologies Quick-Lock
Quick-Lock sleeves from Pipeline Renewal Technologies target failing pipes where vulnerable and seal out groundwater. They install in minutes with minimal manpower and no resin. Positioned by a crawler (or a pushrod in lines as small as 4 inches), and expanded pneumatically with an air-compressor, the sleeves provide structural, trenchless pipe repair to resolve problems such as infiltration, longitudinal cracks, separated joints and abandoned laterals. The sleeve has a locking system that once expanded ensures it stays permanently in position. It has its own static capability and absorbs the natural tectonic movements of the pipes. An EPDM rubber gasket provides infiltration abatement. Both sleeve and gasket are chemically resistant against sewage, thinned acids, lye and aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons. Multiple sleeves may be interleaved to perform long repairs. The sleeves minimize diameter loss, and are available in diameters ranging 4 to 72 inches. 866-936-8476;  www.pipelinert.com

Enz USA Bulldog Manhole Nozzle
The Bulldog Manhole Nozzle from Enz USA was designed to clean lift stations and vertical pipes. It eliminates the disposal process by emulsifying the grease. This allows the operators to pump the resulting wastewater to a sewage treatment plant. A job that could take hours to do can now be done in 20 or 30 minutes. There is no water loss from leaks and it requires no maintenance. 888-369-8721; www.enz.com

Hach Flow Advanced Data Report 
Hach Flow’s Advanced Data Report augments the data provided through the Data Delivery Services program. DDS bundles flow and rain monitoring equipment, service and support, and data at a fixed, monthly cost, easing the burden of short and long-term flow monitoring projects. The report can be tailored by application, such as for wet weather impacts, high level/surcharge monitoring, capacity and more. A report with a wet weather focus provides a cleaned, model-ready dataset as well as a polished, detailed report including wet and dry weather analysis, hyetograph and hydrograph analysis, flow balancing between locations and peak flows. Armed with a wet weather focused advanced report, which can easily be shared with other stakeholders, collection system managers can glean insights about their stormwater and collection system health, better pinpoint surface water issues arising from rain events, and make informed decisions. 800-220-2279; www.hach.com/flow

Sealing Systems Flex-Seal 2.0
Flex-Seal 2.0 from Sealing Systems is an all-purpose sealant that adheres to many surfaces and has over 800% elongation. It is designed to prevent inflow/infiltration and to provide corrosion protection at the grade adjustment ring section or joint section of manholes and catch basins. It’s 100% safe and Prop 65 compliant. The internal seal is manually applied using a paint brush and the kit is designed to cover 12 vertical inches on a 27-inch-diameter manhole. 800-478-2054; www.ssisealingsystems.com

Sprayroq SprayShield Aqua Guard
SprayShield Aqua Guard from Sprayroq is a highly moisture-tolerant, corrosion-resistant lining for municipal water and wastewater assets. It reduces expensive downtimes and provides unparalleled ease of use and application in the field, according to the maker, making it a go-to solution for protecting new assets and preserving aging infrastructure. It is suitable for wastewater applications such as tanks, basins and clarifiers, to stormwater assets including reservoirs and penstocks. 205-957-0020; www.sprayroq.com

Super Products Camel Max Series
Camel Max Series combination sewer cleaners from Super Products allow operators to perform various tasks with jetting, vacuuming and excavating. The product line comes in a variety of model configurations: 900 Dump, 1200 Dump, 1200 Eject and 1200 Wastewater Recycle. All 1200 models come standard with a high-dump subframe, eliminating the need to back up a ramp for debris removal. The 1200 Dump is capable of dumping into a 42-inch container while maintaining a low overhead height and a low center of gravity for increased stability. The 1200 Eject allows operators to dump safely into a 48-inch container without use of additional containment products. The 1200 Wastewater Recycle enables operators to clean sewers without using fresh water, and is capable of cleaning nearly 3,000 feet of sewer pipe per day and saving 60,000 gallons of water per week. 800-837-9711; www.superproducts.com

Tech Products StormDrain Markers
StormDrain Markers from Tech Products are deep embossed markers made for high traffic areas where it is important to protect fragile ecosystems. Using high-tonnage presses, a logo or other information is embossed onto the marker to allow the copy to be easily read long-term. They are suitable for use on sidewalks, roadways and curbs. They can be attached either via epoxy, concrete anchors or directly to the surface via a hammer. 800-221-1311; www.techproducts.com

Xylem Vue
Utilities often lack real-time data and visualization around how their sewer system is performing, which makes it difficult to confidently make decisions regarding unexpected overflows. Xylem Vue powered by GoAigua’s SSO/CSO Prediction application, complimented by data from sensors, river/tide levels and rainfall forecast, helps utilities understand the current network state so they can visualize and predict future impact of wet weather events on network performance. Tools like SSO/CSO Prediction provide customizable displays identifying operational needs that integrate multiple data sources into a single platform. It also utilizes hydroinformatics insights to simulate water flows and related processes across the sewer system. Utilities get valuable insights to network hydraulic performance in real-time while understanding the current and potential risks of flooding and overflows, giving them increased confidence to make operational decisions. 855-995-4261; www.xylem.com


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