Directional Drill Rigs That Make Underground Jobs a Breeze

Directional Drill Rigs That Make Underground Jobs a Breeze

The DD600 maxi-rig directional drill from American Augers.

Sophisticated horizontal directional drilling equipment like the examples outlined below is designed to handle a variety of demanding underground construction tasks, and are redefining efficiency and precision in the field. Equipped with powerful engines and innovative features, these machines offer enhanced performance while focusing on ease of transport and reduced setup time, crucial for fast-paced construction environments. With capabilities to handle different project sizes and complexities, these drilling solutions are setting new benchmarks in the utility construction sector.

American Augers DD600
The DD600 maxi-rig directional drill from American Augers is equipped with a 755 hp Stage V/T4F/T3 CAT C18 engine that does not require diesel exhaust fluid, making it the only machine of its kind in this class. The simple exhaust system increases uptime and reliability, eliminating daily job site struggles with DEF. Additionally, the 755 hp engine allows for higher demand loads without challenging the engine capacity, and the Stage V engine classification meets emission standards for engines in Europe. The weight meets standard transportation requirements, meaning no special permits are required. It can also be transported without removing the wrenches, saving hours in assembly and disassembly time. A hydraulic catwalk helps expedite the time required to set up and teardown, as well as the number of people it takes to do so. 800-324-4930;

Ditch Witch AT120
The AT120 from Ditch Witch enables maxi-rig drill operators to move down a class size to meet job site constraints without compromising job site productivity. It features 15,000 ft-lbs of rotational torque. With 120,000 pounds of thrust and pullback, it allows operators to take on a wide variety of projects, as well as move through longer bores and larger diameter installations more efficiently. With 20 feet of end-to-end drill pipe on board, it helps operators put more pipe in the ground, further boosting job site uptime. It offers a saver lock design to protect the drill pipe and drive system against wear and tear. With updated and intuitively located compartment panels, operators have increased access to critical components that frequently need to be maintained, streamlining maintenance routines and the serviceability of the drill. 580-336-4402;


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