Manhole Cutter Cuts Labor Time on Sewer System Restoration

This case study out of Ames, Iowa, showcases how a Mr. Manhole cutter and chimney rebuild system transformed the city's repair approach

Manhole Cutter Cuts Labor Time on Sewer System Restoration
Tool saves city time and money on water services repair

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Problem: Years ago, Ames, Iowa initiated a large-scale restoration of its sanitary sewer system. Manhole lids need periodic adjustments to keep them level with the road. Previously, manhole repairs involved costly, labor-intensive methods that produced mediocre outcomes. 

Solution: To expedite and economize the process, the city adopted the Mr. Manhole cutter and chimney rebuild system. This method uses round cuts, generating 20% less waste and using 20% less material than the traditional square cuts. Eric Cowles, a civil engineer in Ames, vouched for the speed and efficiency of the technology, noting that it eliminated much of the anticipated resident grievances. The Mr. Manhole system cuts repair time down to an hour, slashing costs and labor. It also ensures worker safety and minimizes traffic disturbances, ensuring resident satisfaction.

Result: With this system, Ames transformed its repair approach. The project, estimated at $1.9 to $2 million, was completed at $1.6 million in under a year, surpassing quality expectations. 833-242-2221;


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