Save Time and Resources With These 4 Point Repair Systems for the Sewer and Water Sector

Save Time and Resources With These 4 Point Repair Systems for the Sewer and Water Sector

Point repair from HammerHead Trenchless.

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You don't always have to replace entire arteries of underground infrastructure — point repair systems can address a variety of pipe issues effectively and efficiently. These pinpoint interventions tackle leaks, cracks and corrosion with laser focus, minimizing disruption and saving precious time and resources. From odor-free resins to flexible coatings that bend with the pipes, innovations like the ones below are rewriting the narrative on infrastructure maintenance.

HammerHead Trenchless Point Repair 
Point repair from HammerHead Trenchless is an appropriate solution for a wide variety of issues seen in different types of pipes 3 to 72 inches in diameter. It can be used in conjunction with CIPP installations or as standalone application over offset joints, pipe separations and damaged siphons. It can also be used to seal off interior drops and cap off unwanted laterals. It can even replace missing sections of pipe, repair 90-degree bends, bridge transitions or add extensions to a culvert. Choose between “winter” and “summer” point repair solutions to match working time to your job conditions. HammerHead point repair resin is odor-free, styrene-free and VOC-free. 920-648-4848;

Infrastructure Repair Systems Infragard 
Infragard concrete and manhole rehabilitation products from Infrastructure Repair Systems include Top Coat and Chim-Coat, which are nonhazardous ambient-cure epoxy systems for a small patch, entire manhole or retaining wall. This cost-effective solution requires no expensive equipment as it has an easy trowel-on application. They are corrosion-resistant and high strength with an impermeable structural bond to the substrate or to almost any concrete or metal surface. Chim-Coat is engineered with a flexible feature that maintains adhesion while expanding or contracting with changing temperatures and traffic loads. 877-327-4216;

RIDGID Pipe Patching System
The RIDGID Pipe Patching System is an all-inclusive, start-to-finish solution for faster and simpler trenchless repairs. The versatile system can perform up to 6-foot fiberglass repairs in 2- to 6-inch pipe in straight sections, bends, transitions and P-traps. Easy to add on starter systems include all the basic equipment needed to begin pipe patching while patch kits include all required consumables for a single patch. The entire process can be completed in two hours or less, offers a fast return on investment and is easy to learn. Pipe patching is an efficient, durable repair solution that saves time and labor, while also providing minimal disturbance to landscaping and business productivity making it ideal for residential, commercial and industrial markets. 800-474-3443;

Sealing Systems Aqua Seal 
Aqua Seal from Sealing Systems is an extremely reactive two-component hydrophobic polyurethane water stop system that can be injected into flowing water. It is an exceptionally fast reacting (3-5 seconds), quick sealing and high-early-strength grout that is pumped under pressure. It is designed to stop high infiltration sources in precast or brick structures and can stop leaks in excess of 50 gpm. It comes packaged with 12 600 mLl dual-component urethane caulk tubes along with 12 static mixers. Since only a heavy-duty dual-component caulking gun is required, cities can easily install it with in-house maintenance crews. A user-friendly pneumatic gun is also available to provide a faster and more efficient installation. 800-478-2054;


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