Valves and Valve Boxes for the Sewer and Water Industry

Valves and Valve Boxes for the Sewer and Water Industry

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Valve technology plays a pivotal role in controlling and directing flow efficiently and reliably. Swing check valves, designed to meet rigorous standards, exemplify innovation with their clear waterway designs for unobstructed flow and durable materials ensuring long-term service. Additionally, the sector benefits from valve boxes that provide protective enclosures for these essential components.

Flomatic Valves Model 92
Flomatic Valves’ Model 92 3-inch AWWA C508 swing check valve is designed to meet the requirements of AWWA Standard C508 and complies with American Iron & Steel provisions. The Model 92 features a clear waterway design, offering unobstructed flow for efficient water movement. It is constructed using ductile iron for the body, cover and internals, ensuring durability and longevity. The valve also incorporates a replaceable stainless steel seat ring and fasteners as standard components. To ensure secure sealing and prevent leakage, the valve is equipped with a standard resilient seat seal. This design flexes upon contact, providing effective wiping action to clean the seat surface and establish a bubble-tight seal. The valve’s O-ring design cover seal reinforces its leak-free performance. 800-833-2040;

Dallas Specialty Plastic Valve Boxes 
Dallas Specialty manufactures a line of Plastic Valve Boxes in both round and rectangular shapes. Multiple colors of lids – including green, beige, black and purple – are available. Orders are shipped quickly, and the boxes themselves are molded out of a sturdy thermoplastic material. A large inventory of premade boxes is available, and can be ordered with other products for freight allowance. 800-222-5644;


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