Product News: Superior Signal, OZ Lifting Products, Saniflo and More

In this month's product news update, browse the latest products exclusively for the municipal sewer and water industry

Product News: Superior Signal, OZ Lifting Products, Saniflo and More

Superior Signal smoke testing systems reduce wet-weather peak flows
Superior Signal’s smoke testing systems help reduce wet-weather SSOs and surface inflow. Superior’s smoke candles, fluid and smoke blowers are designed to test sanitary sewers quickly, efficiently and economically. The smoke blowers can be used with smoke candles or fluid to detect common sources of surface inflow and other faults. Classic smoke candles provide highly visible smoke to find more faults at a longer distance. The Superior 3C Classic smoke candle produces a volume of 40,000 cubic feet of smoke in just three minutes. Join multiple W3C smoke candles to create larger volumes of smoke visible for a longer time. Superior’s smoke fluid systems offer a liquid-based alternative for mainline sewer inspection and feature an insulated heating chamber with a stainless steel injector to maximize dry smoke output. Since 1961, Super Signal’s cost-effective methods have found sources of leaks and odors. Superior’s smoke products are made in the U.S., meet WEF and NASSCO standards and are widely used in tests to meet EPA, ASHRAE, OSHA and NFPA standards.; 732-251-0800

OZ Lifting Products stainless series
OZ Lifting Products’ stainless steel range includes chain hoists, lever hoists, trolleys and beam clamps all designed for use in corrosive environments. The centerpiece of the line is the stainless steel chain hoist, which is lightweight — meaning minimal effort is required to lift loads — yet durable enough for industry’s most demanding applications. The hoists feature fully enclosed gearing; a fully machined lift wheel; a weather-proof holding brake; roller bearings on all gears and shafts; and forged stainless steel hooks with safety latches. Chain hoists, like the trolleys, are available in 1/2-, 1- and 2-ton capacities. The stainless push beam trolley fits most I, S and W beams and has precision ball-bearing trolley wheels. The beam clamps are available in 1- and 2-ton capacities. All products in the line are made from 304 stainless steel and come with individual test certificates and serial numbers. 800-749-1064;

Sanicubic heavy-duty wastewater solution from Saniflo 
The Sanicubic lift station series from Saniflo, versatile for any wastewater scenario, offers both simplex and duplex models with grinder or vortex options. Compact yet powerful, these systems can discharge up to 250 gallons per minute, reaching heights of 36 feet and distances up to 1,640 feet. Designed for convenient above or below-floor installation, they provide easy access for maintenance and feature an external control panel and a reliable triple redundancy air pressure switch. The duplex versions, equipped with smart pump technology, alternate pump use for durability and can simultaneously operate if necessary. Certified by CSA and IAPMO (UPC) for nationwide compliance, Sanicubic lift stations stand out for their quality, innovation and longevity in wastewater management. 800-571-8191;

Aries Industries Voyager mainline inspection system
Aries Industries has added flexibility and efficiency to its Voyager mainline inspection system with the introduction of a completely mobile version. The unit easily navigates pipe conditions to capture detailed, high-definition video of relined mainlines 6 to 48 inches and up. The compact, portable system, equipped with an 800-foot cable, can easily be carried in a pickup truck (fits under a tonneau cover) or mounted in a truck, van, trailer or Aries TrailBlazer. The Mobile Voyager HD System is digital CANbus enabled for instantaneous camera and tractor response. Inspections are viewed on a 15-inch daylight readable touchscreen with thumbstick controls. An in-the-pipe WiperCam lens cleaning system maximizes inspection time versus downtime. A compact, full-HD 1080p pan and tilt video camera, with 120x zoom, captures every pipe detail around the crawler. Optional dual camera lasers are available to precisely measure cracks. 800-234-7205;

Finish Thompson DB10 sealless plastic centrifugal pumps
Finish Thompson’s DB10 sealless plastic centrifugal pumps are ideal for transferring corrosive chemicals in water and wastewater treatment. The DB10 transfers chemicals from bulk storage to day tanks, unloads chemicals from tank trucks to bulk storage, provides flow of regeneration chemicals for ion exchange tanks, and empties batch treatment tanks. The pump has a close-coupled design, corrosion-resistant polypropylene or polyvinylidene fluoride construction, and powerful neodymium magnets mounted to the motor shaft on every model. Featuring a sealless mag drive and a replaceable shaft and bushing, the pump mounts to NEMA and IEC motor frames, as well as motors without disassembly. The design eliminates the need for maintenance, flushing, or periodic seal replacement. The DB10 pump is equipped with 1 1/2-inch suction and discharge ports. It offers a maximum working pressure of 80 psi, and a high maximum specific gravity of more than 1.8. Connection types, O-ring, and bushing materials can be ordered to meet application-specific requirements. 814-455-4478;

Kaman Air Gap Tool
The Measuring Division of Kaman Precision Products released its new Air Gap Tool. Offering simple, accurate measuring and data storage for hydroelectric turbines and more, the Air Gap Tool is designed specifically for static alignment of rotor and stator in large scale hydro generators. The tool can measure and store data with the tap of a finger; no power cords, pens or paper are needed. The tool can be easily positioned at predetermined locations between the stator core and rotor poles. Air gap distance is accurately measured and transmitted wirelessly to handheld Android or iPhone devices using the included app and stored on command. The Air Gap Tool is fully configurable and is available in optimized depths for a variety of specific applications. 860-687-5158;

BAM! Bad Ass Mats safety mats
Avoid costly damage to your job sites with BAM! Bad Ass Mats. The mats are made from four-season, durable high-vis green HMWPE material with a built-in UV protector to guard against fading and cracking. 3/8-inch thick and rated at 160,000 pounds with pressure ratings of 373 pounds per square inch, and 53,700 pounds per square foot, they have a temperature rating of minus -103 degrees F to 258 degrees F. The 4-foot by 8-foot sheets weigh 56 pounds and come with eight large hand holes for easy handling, even with gloves. A dual-side tread pattern provides safe traction for both equipment and pedestrians. Mats don’t absorb moisture and chemicals, and can be simply hosed off. 262-877-4700;


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