The Vertical Structure Inspection Solution You Are Looking For

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The Vertical Structure Inspection Solution You Are Looking For

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Inspect your vertical structures in minutes using the CUES SPiDER to help you make reliable repair decisions. 

Flexible to inspect from 15 inches to 15 feet wide and up to 75 feet deep. Rapid inspection time with a nonstop rate of descent of 5 feet per minute. Portable design eliminates excess hardware like cables and footage encoders. Durable and waterproof solid aluminum design has been field-proven in over 250,000 inspections exhibiting minimal maintenance. Easy process can get you started inspecting in minutes out of the case. Lenient technology minimizes rules to inspect and ensures assessments are done right the first time. Quality control tools are available to the field crew and office staff. Automated data transfer from field to  office. Accurate results with sub-inch 3D models and embedded GPS. Compatible with all NASSCO-certified software. Rehab analysis with volumetric comparisons to monitor changes in wall thickness. CUES SPiDER provides the vertical structure solution you are looking for.

  • Inspect vertical structures up to 75 feet deep and 15 feet wide
  • Fast inspections — 5 feet per minute
  • Most portable 3D scanner — battery operated and wireless
  • Best accuracy of less than 1/3 inch
  • GPS data capture with submeter accuracy
  • Capture tablet photos auto-embedded into SPiDER recordings
  • Works with any NASSCO report software
  • User-friendly, learn SPiDER in minutes
  • Quick connect between truck-mount and cable-less tripod inspections

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