Video Walkaround: The Versatile ROVVER X Sewer Inspection Crawler

See how its agile, adaptable, rugged design makes ROVVER X the go-to inspection system for sewer professionals

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The ROVVER X is a pipe inspection system that lets an operator do everything: control inspections, view and record digital video, log observations, generate reports, and link directly to asset-management software. In this video walkaround, see how all this capability is packed into a simple three-piece layout, with no CCU or other components to clutter the workspace.

With twelve wheel options — plus camera lift, carriage and illumination accessories — the ROVVER X can be transformed in seconds to inspect any size line. Its six-wheel drive with proportional steering navigates past obstacles, and overlapping wheels climb offsets better than tracks do. Powerful motors and a geared drivetrain maximize travel range.

ROVVER X is built on an expandable digital backbone. Not only can you add side-scanning and laser profiling, you can view data from onboard sensors, automate tasks with macros and measure defects on-screen. And future capabilities are limitless — ROVVER X’s firmware updates automatically to give you the latest features.

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