Manhole Sealant and Lubrication Product Highlighted at WWETT Show

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Oatey recently showed off one of its new products at the Water & Wastewater Equipment, Treatment & Transport (WWETT) Show — the Hercules Shutout manhole lubricant and sealant.

Oatey, which has been in business since 1916, is typically known for its solvent cements, wax rings and toilet repair products for plumbers, but the company has a family of brands including Hercules, Cherne, Dearborn and Keeney.

Amanda Keiber, communications manager for Oatey, says the Shutout is all about the manhole. “The average plumber or homeowner isn’t necessarily going to be working on the manhole, but in municipalities where they’re working underground and going through the manhole to access the pipes, one of the things we hear loud and clear is there’s a huge issue around I&I.”

The idea for the product came from a sanitary district worker in California who applied one of Hercules’ existing products to a manhole and saw a reduction in inflow and infiltration. The company then optimized the product and branded it.

The product comes in a caulk tube and is applied in a beaded manner around the edge of the manhole. In addition to sealing manholes, the Shutout product also lubricates manhole covers, allowing them to be pulled out more easily, according to Keiber.


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