Baby Survives Disgusting Fate in Sewer Line

Chinese authorities rescued a baby that was disposed of in a sewer line.

Everyone in the sewer business has a story or two to tell about items they’ve found stuck in pipes. An emergency crew in China has just topped all those stories. 

According to an Associated Press story, the crew was called to an apartment complex in Jinhua City, Zhejiang province, after residents reported hearing a baby’s cries coming through the toilet drain in their fourth floor apartment. 

When emergency crews arrived on the scene they could see the baby’s head deep down inside the 4-inch drain line, They were unable to reach down far enough to pull him out, so they moved to the floor below and cut out the section of pipe. 

Once they had removed the section of pipe, firefighters took him to a nearby hospital where pliers and a saw were used to gently free him, the story reports. 

The child, whose name is unknown, was believed to be just two days old when he was discovered and initially suffered from a low heart rate and labored breathing. He had also suffered numerous bruises to his head, arms and legs, according to reports. 

Doctors at Pujiang People’s Hospital told the AP by telephone that the baby’s prognosis was good. His heart rate was stabilizing and his breathing was much smoother, they added. 

Police in Jinhua City said they are treating the investigation as an attempted murder.

A video of the rescue effort can be seen here.


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