Water Maintenance Planner Faces Suspension for Urinating in Reservoir

Utility worker allegedly urinated in empty reservoir ‘several times’ according to employee complaint.

“Come to work wearing your big boy pants or diapers. If not, you’ll need to find another place to work.”

That was the message sent by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission spokesman Tyler Jue after fellow employees allegedly witnessed a co-worker urinating into a reservoir that serves as a source of drinking water for 2.6 million Bay Area customers.

An anonymous complaint, which was obtained by the San Francisco Chronicle, sent to utility management alleges that multiple employees had seen the worker urinate into the 675 million-gallon Priest Reservoir “several times.”

The maintenance planner in question will most likely be suspended for the maximum five days allowed without pay, according to Jue, who says — that although the urine posed no danger to public health — the worker’s action was “not acceptable.”

“The bottom line is you pee in the wrong place again, and you’re toast,” Jue says.

According to the report, there was no water in the reservoir at the time as it had been drained for maintenance. Despite this fact, whistleblowers asked for management to take action, calling their fellow employee’s conduct “disgusting and egregious.”

The Priest Reservoir, located about 150 miles east of San Francisco, is the last stop before the Moccasin Reservoir, where untreated water from the Sierra foothills is sent by pipeline to the Bay Area.

If you noticed a fellow co-worker engaging in unprofessional conduct on the job, would you make your higher-ups aware? How would you have handled this situation?


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