Alphajet nozzle from USB Sewer Equipment Corp.

Rotating Nozzle Simplifies Manhole Cleaning

The Alphajet manhole-cleaning nozzle from USB Sewer Equipment Corp. is designed to simplify cleaning with a combination of oscillating and driving nozzles that cuts through accumulated grease and sludge.

Made of stainless steel, the unit has a pair of oscillating nozzles that clean and a pair of driving nozzles that produce 360-degree rotation. Powered by water pressure supplied by a high-pressure jetter, the nozzle also can be configured to use four driving nozzles, says Patrick Savio, company vice president.

The unit delivers 30 to 80 gpm at 2,000 psi. Threaded, replaceable nozzle inserts are available in stainless steel or more durable ceramic. A primary benefit of the nozzle is less maintenance.

“The nozzle doesn’t need lubrication for at least a year,” Savio says. “With some nozzles, you need to replace lubricating fluids every 200 hours. But with this unit, you won’t have to replace any internal wear parts for at least a year. That saves contractors and municipalities a lot of time and money.”

Another advantage is the ability to configure the nozzles to any flow rate. “You can use them at a higher pressure without losing any efficiency,” Savio says. “The hydromechanics of the nozzle prevent any water turbulence.” By swapping Alphajet nozzles with the USB Primus nozzle, contractors can clean mainline sewers, too.

“By putting on just a few extra parts, you can do the whole job, from cleaning manholes to 6-inch mainline sewers,” Savio says. “Or you can get really tricked out and put it on an expandable skid and clean 6- to 12-inch lines or 10- to 20-inch lines.” 770/984-8880;


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