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June Product News
Asahi Introduces PE100 Ball Valve

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T&D Introduces Handheld Wireless Data Collector

The RTR-500DC handheld wireless data collector from T&D Corp. can monitor and download data from 224 separate loggers and store up to 256,000 readings that can be uploaded to a PC via a USB connection. The unit has a graphical display with zoom function. It includes a search mode for locating data loggers and signal strength indicator. Transmission distance is up to 500 feet line of sight, which can be extended with wireless repeaters. The pocket-size unit weighs 4.4 ounces and operates for 100 hours on two AAA batteries. 518/669-9227; www.tandd.com.


Gradall Introduces All Excavate Hydroexcavator

The Vacall All Excavate hydroexcavator from Gradall Industries Inc. features a dedicated system for excavating around water, sewer, gas and utility lines. The unit’s high-pressure water system has a hydraulically driven variable-speed system with rheostat control to minimize water usage and refill time. The system powers a wand that delivers a high-pressure stream to break up material. Water pumps are available in 10, 15 and 20 gpm with 3,000 to 3,500 psi. To protect from freezing, the water system, wand, control panel, tools and worker apparel are enclosed in a heated compartment. The water tank is fabricated from aircraft-quality aluminum for extra strength and mounted high on the chassis to reduce damage from debris. Features include CANbus intelligent control system, multistage filtration and hydro boom at the rear of the chassis. 800/382-8302; www.vacallindustries.com.


Badger Meter Introduces High-Pressure Control Valve

The HP-60 60,000 psi high-pressure control valve from Badger Meter is engineered for use in high-pressure chemical applications. Featuring 17-4 ph alloy (chromium-copper precipitation hardening stainless steel) and solid Stellite Innervalve assembly, the valve can withstand intense pressure and provides a moderate level of corrosion resistance. The valve can be used for both flow control and as a Class IV shutoff valve. 800/876-3837; www.badgermeter.com.


Spectrom Introduces True Union Ball Valves

True Union Ball Valves from Spectrom Parts are available in 1/2-, 1-, 1 1/2-, 2- and 3-inch sizes. The valves are made of Georg Fischer PVC or CPVC (other materials available) with threaded or socket connections (valves up to 2 inches come with both socket and threaded ends). Each valve has an option of EPDM or Viton seals. 909/512-1261; www.spectromparts.com.


Denso Introduces Rock Shield Pipeline Protection

Rock Shield pipeline protection from Denso is a protective polyethylene diamond mesh made to protect a pipe’s coating from protrusions and abrasions, rock backfills or where pipelines are constructed through rocky terrains. The mesh comes in 100-foot rolls or custom pads and remains flexible in extreme weather conditions. 888/821-2300; www.densona.com.


RIDGID Introduces View-Only Inspection Camera

The micro CA-100 view-only inspection camera from RIDGID, part of the Hand-Held Diagnostic and Inspection product line, has a 3.5-inch display and pistol-grip design with one-hand controls. The rotation function enables the image to be positioned for best readability in tight locations. The unit has four adjustable LEDs in a 3/4-inch, 17-mm aluminum camera head on a flexible, waterproof 3-foot cable. The cable can be expanded to a maximum of 30 feet with available extensions. 800/769-7743; www.ridgid.com.


Keith Huber Introduces Baron Vacuum Truck

The Baron industrial vacuum truck from Keith Huber combines the safety and deep vacuum power of a liquid ring pump with high airflow and quiet operation. The truck offers high power with innovative vacuum and filtration technology in an operator-friendly package that is conservatively priced. The liquid ring pump makes it safe to use in pumping hydrocarbons. The unit’s light weight allows for larger payloads. A standard remote control allows operation away from the control cabinet. 800/334-8237; www.keith huber.com.


Electric Eel Introduces eCAM Inspection Systems

The eCAM ace and pro pipeline inspection systems from Electric Eel Mfg. Co. Inc. feature a 1.68-inch-diameter color camera with sapphire lens, 20 LED light ring, high-resolution CCD element and 512 Hz sonde. The stainless steel-housed camera can navigate 3-inch P-traps and has an auto-adjusting iris. The ace has a 5.4-inch LCD monitor with antiglare shield, powder-coated frame and 125 feet of Kevlar braided 1/2-inch-diameter pushrod. A 1.23-inch camera for inspecting 1 1/2- to 4-inch lines and negotiating 2-inch plastic P-traps and 1/2-inch 90-degree bends is available. The pro has an 8.4-inch monitor, built-in 320 GB hard drive, 8X zoom and 200 feet of 1/2-inch pushrod. 800/833-1212; www.electriceel.com.


Rycom Introduces Stick Locator

The Stick locator from Rycom Instruments Inc. features frequency flexibility and recessed keypad. It is designed to withstand years of field use without the need for periodic calibration, adjustment or repair. Knobs and exposed controls prone to cracking and breakage have been eliminated. 800/851-7347; www.rycom instruments.com.


Shark Introduces Cold-Water Pressure Washers

Aluminum Series, gas-powered, cold-water pressure washers from Shark Pressure Washers feature a foldable handle and lightweight design, making them easy to push or pull through grass, gravel or mud. Made of 1 1/4-inch tubing, models range from 2.5 gpm at 2,700 psi to 3.8 gpm at 3,500 psi. 800/771-1881; www.sharkpw.com.


Water Cannon Introduces Anniversary Washer

Water Cannon Inc. celebrates its 30th anniversary with the 4,200 psi pressure washer. The unit has an aluminum frame with 13 hp Honda engine and triplex ceramic plunger-type RSV series Annovi Reverberi pump. 800/333-9274; www.watercannon.com.


Asahi Introduces PE100 Ball Valve

The PE100 ball valve from Asahi/America Inc. is made for gas, sewer and water applications. Weighing 50 percent less than comparable metal valves, it features corrosion-resistant internal and external parts. The valve is available in 1- through 6-inch sizes and has a two-step planetary gear system for smooth opening and closing. Suitable for belowground service, the valve’s SDR11 spigot ends are approved for maximum operating pressures of 230 psi for water and 150 psi for air or gas. Available in both metric and IPS sizes, the valves have NBR seals for air or gas and EPDM seals for fluids. 877/242-7244; www.asahi-america.com.


Cretex Introduces Pro-Cutter Manhole Tool

The Pro-Cutter manhole rehabilitation tool from Cretex Specialty Products works with carbide and diamond bits for speed and versatility when cutting a 60-inch circular hole through asphalt and reinforced concrete. The tool attaches to a heavy-duty skid-steer or track loader. Electric-over-hydraulic controls operated by joystick-mounted pushbuttons simplify operation. The tool also has adjustable automatic feed and internal guards for safety. 800/345-3764; www.cretexseals.com. F


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