Product News - December 2013

Product News - December 2013
ENZ USA Bulldog Antiblast nozzle

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ENZ USA Bulldog Antiblast nozzle

The Bulldog Antiblast nozzle from ENZ USA is designed to prevent blowing toilets when cleaning sewer lines near home installations. By reducing water pressure through toilets and vent traps, the nozzle lowers the risk of pressure equalization, which results from negative pressure ahead of the nozzle or excess pressure following the nozzle if installations are not correct or venting is not working properly. 888/369-8721;

Wohler inspection cameras

Visual inspection camera systems (models VIS 250, VIS 350 and VIS 400) from Wohler USA have USB, VHS and SD card recording features. The VIS 250 is designed for tight spaces and analyzing household wastewater pipes 1 1/2 inches and larger. It negotiates bends and turns. An integrated locator transmitter pinpoints damage. The VIS 350 has a home function to maintain orientation that indicates the position of the pan-and-tilt camera head. The VIS 400 weighs three pounds and has a pan-and-tilt head, carry strap and pouch with antiglare protection. The cameras complement Wohler’s new L 200 locator for targeting trouble spots under asphalt and concrete. 978/750-9876;

T&D temperature data loggers

TR-701 temperature data loggers from T&D Corp. are available in model TR-701NW with integrated Ethernet and model TR-701AW with wireless integrated 802.11b/g Wi-Fi. The 700W series has an internal Web server for directly viewing current readings and incorporates an email client for directly sending warnings without a PC. The data loggers have a temperature range of -40 to 230 degrees F with an optional sensor range of -76 to 311 degrees F. 518/669-9227;

Mean Green industrial-strength degreaser

Mean Green Industrial Strength Cleaner & Degreaser from CR Brands is a blend of biodegradable detergents formulated for challenging fleet and equipment washing applications. Free of environmentally harmful solvents, the cleaner can be used in pressure washers to remove dirt, tar and road grime from vehicles and trailers. It also can be used for spot removal on carpets, seats and dashboards as well as degreasing equipment, concrete and asphalt.

Rothenberger ROCAM 3 inspection camera

The ROCAM 3 multimedia inspection camera from Rothenberger USA is designed for inspection, locating and documenting obstructions or damage in pipes from 2 to 12 inches in diameter. Features include removable control panel and waterproof, durable frame. The camera includes a removable 10.4-inch display and control panel with on-screen distance counter. The 1.58-inch, self-leveling camera provides still and video images. 800/545-7698;

Juniper field mapping software

Aspect 1.2 field mapping software from Juniper Systems is designed for any job that requires locating, documenting and inspecting assets. It can import large amounts of data into Excel and operates on most devices running Windows Mobile 6.0 or higher. 435/753-1881;

Guardair flame pattern siphon spray gun

The flame pattern siphon spray gun (model 79SG012F) from Guardair Corp. features a flame design on its 12-inch aluminum extension. The gun uses compressed air to produce a high vacuum suction that delivers up to 12 gph of liquid spray. Applications include solvents, oils, cleaners, disinfectants, insecticides, mold release agents, coatings and degreasers. The gun has an adjustable nozzle tip to control volume and spray pattern. Other features include cast aluminum body, OSHA compliant, 1/4-inch FNPT inlet and 6-foot siphon hose with sinker. 800/482-7324;

Vactor user-friendly control system

The user-friendly control system on the midsize HXX Prodigy vacuum excavator from Vactor Manufacturing, identical to controls used on the full-size HXX HydroExcavator, has an ergonomically designed control box located curbside for easy access and operator safety. The control system is enclosed in an environmentally protective aluminum box. Controls include tachometer and hour meter for chassis and blower, temperature indicators, water system on/off with multiflow, complete boom and body dump functions and E-Stop. The Prodigy, with wireless remote, also has an extendable boom with 320-degree rotation. A telescopic boom is optional. 800/627-3171;

Moyno pressure sewer system

The InviziQ pressure sewer system from Moyno utilizes grinding and pumping technology to move sewage to treatment facilities over any terrain, slope or environmentally sensitive area. 877/486-6966;

RIDGID SeeSnake with self-leveling head

The SeeSnake Max rM200 camera system from RIDGID with self-leveling head takes the guesswork out of inspections, providing clear, right-side-up images or video. 800/769-7743;


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