Inside the December 2013 Issue of Municipal Sewer & Water

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Trunk Renewal Trunk Renewal
Canada’s York Region is undertaking an aggressive inspection of its trunk sewer lines in preparation for population growth.
Worth Noting - December 2013 Built-in battery provides full day of remote video inspection Built-in battery provides full day of remote video inspection Product News - December 2013 Product News - December 2013 Industry News - December 2013 Cleaning and Maintenance Strategies Cleaning and Maintenance Strategies
Manufacturers are constantly improving tools for cleaning and maintaining municipal sewer lines. New tools for jetting, cable machine cleaning and industrial vacuum loading serve a variety of functions, from the cleaning of debris, roots and grease from various-sized pipe, to removing paint and other coatings from surfaces, to hydroexcavation and cutting. Here is a look at some of the latest developments.
Cut to the Chase Cut to the Chase
Turbo chain cutter nozzles clear roots and other obstructions from egg-shaped pipes.
It’s Not About Test Scores
Emotional intelligence plays a bigger role than IQ in your professional success.
Setting the International Standard
NASSCO is working to translate training and certification programs for the global market.
It’s Really All About Community
There’s far more to these stories than the physical assets of a water or wastewater utility.
Ahead of the Curve Ahead of the Curve
Henderson Water Utility takes aggressive approach to combined sewer separation and reaps systemwide benefits.
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Sorting Through the Software Sorting Through the Software
Nonprofit foundation reviews and grades major municipal asset maintenance and management systems.
WWETT Preview - December 2013 Water for Growth Water for Growth
Desert community strategizes to keep pace with the needs of residents and industry as explosive growth strains supplies.