Enz Nozzles are Engineered to Clean

Enz USA designs and produces sophisticated nozzles for every application.

Enz Nozzles are Engineered to Clean

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The sewer cleaning industry has changed significantly over the past 35 years, but one constant has been the innovative nozzle solutions coming out of Swiss company Enz. The U.S. division of the company opened in 1996 and has been delivering quality, high-performance nozzles stateside since.

Its first rotating nozzle was produced in 1998, and this year Enz will debut a camera-equipped eNozzle that records as it cleans pipe and sends video straight to your phone. Enz strives to provide a nozzle for every application, no matter the size of the pipe or the type of debris.

Municipal Sewer & Water recently spoke with Christoph Lendi, owner and president of Enz USA, about the company’s wide array of nozzles, selecting the best nozzle for the job, and what’s to come for the pipe cleaning industry.

MSW: Tell us a little about the history of Enz USA.

Lendi: The Enz company was established in 1985 by Albert Enz in Switzerland. Albert was a visionary and saw a need and opportunity to bring his product to the U.S.  Enz USA was established 25 years ago when it opened on Feb. 2, 1996, in Schaumburg, Illinois.

Enz USA developed a successful dealer network in North America and continues to provide excellent products, delivery and customer service. In 2006, Enz USA expanded and moved to Aurora, Illinois. In 2012, Albert Enz sold the company to me. In 2018, Enz USA invested further in the site in Aurora and doubled the location’s footprint. In addition to having a strong focus on the sewer nozzle line, we also expanded our industrial nozzle portfolio. Our next move will be to introduce different camera nozzles to the market.

MSW: What differentiates Enz nozzles from the competition? What sort of needs do they address?

Lendi: Enz nozzles don’t just spray water; they perform a deep clean. They transport debris efficiently out of the pipe with the correct balance between pressure and flow. Enz has expert technology and unique engineering styles that make us successful. Our rotating nozzles have controlled rotation with our patented JetMax inserts that can be used with recycled water.

Enz has a nozzle for all sorts of different applications for cleaning sewers and pipes. Our sewer systems are not sealed well so all types of debris can be found in the pipes. Loose debris, grease, roots and even concrete can find their way into them.

Products like those in the KBR line provide great value for the money while working with self-regulating accelerating and braking water jets. Higher-performance product lines, such as the Bulldog, work with an inductive magnet. The more you accelerate with water, the more braking the magnet provides. If rotation is not controlled, the nozzle will spin too fast, which will cause water to bend around the nozzle. This results in ineffective cleaning and possible damage to the nozzle.

MSW: What are some recommendations for customers shopping for nozzles? 

Lendi: Enz has a solution for every problem. Our nozzles are designed to clean pipes, not damage them.

If you want a multipurpose nozzle that can cut through roots and remove grease, then we recommend our Bulldog nozzle. The Bulldog is like our Grenade Bomb in the back but with a spinner in the head and an unplugger in the front. With this versatile nozzle, you can clear anything from lots of debris to grease or even roots as thick as your finger. The Bulldog is a controlled rotating nozzle with a magnetic braking system.

If you have a large-diameter pipe to clean with a lot of debris, we recommend our Bulldozer nozzle. The Bulldozer has enormous flushing capacity, a compact design and excellent gliding ability.

If you want to clean a very large-diameter pipe, we recommend the Propeller nozzle (P360). Our easy-to-adjust skids can be adapted to clean egg-shaped or oval pipe profiles.

If you have heavy concrete or grout to remove, we recommend our Recycling Milling Cutter (IMC). It features low maintenance, easy handling, and superior performance compared to other cutters.

If you have very large roots that need removing, we recommend our line of chain cutters. The chain scrapers not only remove the toughest roots, they also remove incrustations, hardened grease and mineral deposits. You can install a diamond crown cutter on some of our scrapers to cut protruding taps.

Customers shopping for nozzles need to consider several things:

 What size pipe will you be cleaning?

 What kind of debris will you be removing?

 What is the gpm, psi and hose size you will be working with?

MSW: How do you see the sewer cleaning industry evolving?

Lendi: Several things come to mind. Pipe relining is an ever more common practice these days. Relining a pipe reduces the inner diameter of the pipe by up to 1/2 inch. Nozzles will need to adapt to new pipe materials and dimensions.

Recycled water trucks are making a debut in the U.S. to increase productivity. The nozzle technology will have to be able handle recycled water.

And digitization will pick up even more speed in the coming years. Different camera designs will be available on the market that will increase the efficiency and the quality of cleaning. For example, if you can clean and record at the same time, you can reduce operational costs and also increase the quality of cleaning.

MSW: What’s new for Enz and what can customers expect out of Enz in the future?

Lendi: We recently introduced our first camera nozzle that can clean with rotation and record simultaneously using your smartphone or a tablet, while filing the videos in the cloud.

The new eNozzles expand our product portfolio to a new dimension for pipes greater than or equal to 6 inches in diameter. We also recently launched a camera nozzle with live view for pipes less than 6 inches in diameter.

Features of the eNozzles include:

 Sewer and pipe inspection with all-around cleaning

 Wireless recording for pre-inspection and quality control

 Integrated data management with the Enz cloud

 Visual cleaning control

 See and find every manhole on a map, including Google Maps, with geo-referenced videos

Our customers can continue to expect expert technology, constant innovation, and production of the highest quality products.

MSW: What do you want your customers to think of when they hear the name Enz USA?

Lendi: That Enz is the place to call if you need advice on sewer cleaning. We have a highly knowledgeable and experienced staff that cares about providing excellent customer service. Enz is synonymous with the highest quality and the most cutting-edge technology on offer when it comes to pipe cleaning.

Give the Enz nozzle team a chance to prove themselves. You won’t regret it. 


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