HammerHead’s Simple Point Repair Solution Is a Timesaver

Municipal sewer and water infrastructure directors and private contractors have an easy-to-use, economical alternative to open-cut replacement of storm and wastewater drainage systems. HammerHead CIPP point repair packages offer a cost-effective, environmentally friendly trenchless point or sectional repair solution for sewer and stormwater pipes having a circular or oval cross section 3 to 48 inches in diameter. 

HammerHead point repair systems give contractors more time to work, boasting a short cure time on its silicate-based resin for quick, permanent repair. 

Point repair greatly enhances maintenance budget and scheduling flexibility. Open-cut replacement or repairs disrupt daily routines at the surface and detour traffic for extended periods around demolition, excavation and restoration phases. In many cases, one- or two-point repairs can return a pipe to service in as little as a day, minimizing cost, labor, time and overall impact on the community.

A simple system 

The method is straightforward and easy-to-learn. No additional, specialized equipment is required since point repair packages come directly from the factory with everything necessary to make the repair.

A basic starter package contains four or more point repair solutions, a packer matched to the repair requirements, an air regulator, flex adapters and push rods and even the tarp used while applying resin to the repair liners.

A case study

The city of Litchfield, Illinois, used point repair on a 48-inch combination sewer and storm-sewer main constructed of double-wall brick. The aging wall had moved over time. It was out of round, widening in places to 52 inches. A 14-foot deep, 15-foot by 15-foot wide sinkhole had formed next to the line. Excavation was not an option.

Wet-out of the 56-inch by 48-inch fiberglass liners for this job was performed at the surface, loaded onto a pillow packer and lowered 22 feet down to the pipe through a manhole using a skid-steer with an electric winch. Inflating the packer perfectly conformed the wet-out liner to the pipe and held it there until it cured. An air line and a retrieval cable were fed to the packer through an upstream stormwater inlet. 

Due to extraordinarily severe ground conditions surrounding the pipe at this great depth, the installation team performed two installations of three overlapping liners for added structural support. 

It was the installer’s first experience with the application. Under the guidance of HammerHead’s Aidan Kelly, on-site application expert for this job, the installation took just two days to perform from start to finish. The repair carries HammerHead’s 50-year warranty.

HammerHead University

Proper application of HammerHead point repair systems can now be learned and practiced at newly founded HammerHead University. It’s the world’s first hands-on trenchless laboratory for trenchless applications — including point repair — free from the distraction of unforeseen obstacles or consequence of failure. Instruction can be adapted to duplicate a unique site’s conditions and requirements to practice in advance. 

HammerHead Trenchless has been a trenchless industry leader since 1989, providing precision-manufactured equipment, comprehensive trenchless materials and supplies, and quality training and support to customers worldwide.

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