Applied Felts Offers Vertically Integrated Custom CIPP Liners and Wet-Out Services

Applied Felts’ custom-made CIPP all-felt liners are a time-tested solution for the  rehabilitation of gravity or pressure sewer and water pipes. Applied Felts needles the smallest of polyester fibers into felts and offers polyurethane or polypropylene polymer granules to coat its liners.

The company’s proven, decades-long history of extending the life of sewer and water pipes through rigorously tested, 100% in-house, vertically integrated manufacturing processes has allowed its CIPP felt liners to lead the way in the trenchless pipeline rehabilitation market since its close involvement with the invention of CIPP liners in the 1970s.

Using the same process as its felt liners, Applied Felts reinforces its hybrid liners with highly engineered flexible fiberglass, adding significant strength for both internal and external load applications. Using only the highest quality raw materials available, products such as Applied Felts’ flame- or stitch-bonded liners allow for greater flexibility in the field.

To make your job even easier, streamline your next job with pre-impregnated liners from anywhere in North America with Applied Felts’ five strategically located regional wet-out facilities at FerraTex Solutions, including its newest flagship location in Martinsville, Virginia.

Wide array of liners

Applied Felts offers dependable, small-diameter liner ranges for your every need, whether it’s for a lateral or in-house applications.

The company also has a wide range of Duraflex liners to accommodate varying bends, lengths and diameter changes. These single-layer felt liners — with an array of polymer choices for your particular resin system — are best suited for on-site, vacuum impregnation in plumbing applications. These heat- or ambient-cured liners are highly flexible and available in custom lengths.

The PVC FlexLiner is a polyester fiber, flexible liner made with a styrenated resin-resistant PVC coating to accommodate the requirement for liners of varying thicknesses and up to 45-degree bends.

The SuperFlex is a polyurethane-coated fleece liner for use in pipes with up to 90-degree bends.

The WovoLiner is made of circular-knitted polyethylene fibers, uniquely bonded to a seamless, impermeable polyurethane coating. This extremely flexible liner is ideal for use on multiple bends up to 90 degrees with minimal wrinkling and a wide range of diameter transitions such as 4-to 6-inch.

Calibration tubes

The company’s CalTubes offer a wide range of calibration tubes for your lateral installation needs. Applied Felts’ single-layer, PVC-coated, polyethylene CalTubes are made in your choice of stitched, or innovative High Frequency seamed options. The 2- to 12-inch diameter CalTubes can be used in inversion, pull-in and “blind-shot” installations.

The HF-Tube is an ultra-flexible, light duty polyethylene fabric with PVC coating and a HF welded overlap seam for use in open-end liner (blind-shot) and pull-in-place applications.  

The DuraTube is a flexible stitched CalTube designed to provide excellent resistance against tearing and higher temperature resistance for heat-cured installation for use in open-end liner (blind-shot) and pull-in-place applications.

Flexible, stitched or HF welded, the LightTube is a clear CalTube designed to provide excellent resistance against tearing and higher temperature resistance for heat-cured and LED-cured installations. For use in open-end liner (blind-shot) and pull-in-place applications.

Support, from start to finish

Applied Felts supports its customers through its stringent QA/QC, ISO-certified process from purchase of the finest raw materials to continual testing throughout the manufacturing phase of every liner.

Applied Felts’ most important support asset, however, is on-site customer service and technical support  provided in the field. 

Applied Felts is an innovative manufacturer of quality felt- and fiberglass-reinforced CIPP liners for gravity sewer, pressure pipe and potable water applications.

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