VMAC’s G30 Gas-Driven Air Compressor Provides Fleets With Unique Options and Big Benefits

VMAC’s G30 is an innovative rotary-screw gas-driven air compressor that reduces gross vehicle weight, frees up deck space, and provides 30 cfm of air at 100% duty cycle. With two configurations, stacked or standard, fleet managers have two options on how to design their trucks.

The stacked G30 features a vertical configuration, making this gas-driven air compressor 61% smaller than comparable models. The stacked G30 fits either in the rear service body compartment or in the bed of a pickup truck. The standard G30 features a traditional design and is also compact; it’s up to 52% smaller than other gas drive options.

“The VMAC G30 is an air compressor solution that’s not only significantly smaller than other air compressors, it’s also significantly lighter,” says Mike Pettigrew, VMAC’s marketing manager.

The VMAC G30 weighs in at less than 210 pounds. Customers who choose VMAC’s gas-driven air compressor, whether it’s the stacked or standard model, will be rewarded with a system that’s 59% lighter than comparable gas-driven air compressors.

“The G30 is popular with fleet managers, owners/operators and upfitters because it gives them the opportunity to add more tools, supplies and equipment to their trucks,” says Pettigrew. “When truck GVW is a concern, every pound counts, and just by switching to the VMAC G30, you can save over 200 pounds.”

The VMAC G30 is ideal for powering ¾-inch impact wrenches, but more impressively, it can effectively run up to a 1-inch impact wrench with a small air receiver tank. The G30 is popular with municipalities, light- and medium-duty mobile mechanics, mobile tire service technicians, and light-duty contractors. Learn more about the G30 at https://info.vmacair.com/g30-gas-drive-air-compressor. 

VMAC is a leading air compressor manufacturer in North America with over 35 years of history. VMAC’s mobile air compressors and multipower systems have earned a reputation for extraordinary design, build quality, durability and reliability in extreme conditions among operators and fleet managers worldwide.

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