Electronic Leak Detection - Automated leak-detection system

The STAR ZoneScan automated detection system from Aclara can pinpoint underground leaks in water mains to within 3 feet by collecting and analyzing acoustic data. It automates the collection, retrieval and analysis of acoustic data gathered throughout the system, listening for and recording vibrations in the quiet early hours when factors affecting leak noise are minimized. The system combines leak-intelligence units with fixed-network automated metering infrastructure that incorporates two-way communication between the utility head-end and endpoints, and time-synchronized initiation of sound recordings. Highly sensitive acoustic data loggers are deployed at regular intervals on valves throughout the water distribution network to monitor noise characteristics and send information back to the water utility. Web-based application software correlates the data and provides visual identification of high-probability leak locations. Once the units are installed, operators can monitor the system and analyze results at the utility office. 800/297-2728; www.aclara.com.


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