Truck/Trailer/Portable Jetters - Sewer jetter

The Vermeer J12-30 sewer jetting system, distributed by McLaughlin Group, turns a vacuum excavator into a versatile jetter/vac combination unit for cleaning manholes and small sewer lines up to 12 inches in diameter and hydroexcavation in sewer lateral repairs or spotting utilities. The jetter hose is inserted into the line and uses the pressure from the vac to propel the jetter head farther down the pipe. As the jetter hose flushes out the line, the vac’s suction hose removes the debris. Once the cleaning is complete, the hose is simply retracted. The option is available for Vermeer V500HD, V800HD and V1200HD vacuum excavators. The system includes 500 feet of hose, two 205-gallon tanks and a tethered remote. 800/435-9340;


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