Electronic Leak Detection - Electro Scan ES-H2O 4-in-1

The ES-H2O 4-in-1 from Electro Scan integrates closed-circuit television, an acoustic hydrophone, a pressure sensor and the company’s scanning technology into a single multi-sensor probe allowing for the identification of defects in pressurized water pipes of all materials. By using multiple technologies with different strengths and weaknesses, it can provide beneficial data about the location and size of defects as well as aid in eliminating false positives, more accurately and safely determining the condition of the pipe. Variations of electricity flowing through cracks, bad joints and defective connections are automatically recorded and transmitted to the PC-based application, as is data from the pressure sensor, hydrophone and camera. Upon completing the scan, all data is instantly available on the Critical H2O Cloud, giving utilities and contractors immediate access to data such as accurate defect locations and measurements of exfiltration. 916/779-0660; www.electroscan.com.


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