Inspection Software/Maintenance Accessories - InfoSense SL-DOG

The Sewer Line Data OrGanizer, or SL-DOG, from InfoSense, provides data downloading, cloud management and visualization support for the Sewer Line Rapid Assessment Tool, or SL-RAT. The SL-RAT uses active acoustics to provide a fast assessment of blockage conditions in gravity-fed sewers to focus sewer cleaning and CCTV inspection efforts. The software is composed of two parts, the first of which resides locally on the user’s Windows-based PC. It allows the user to download field data collected with the SL-RAT, including the GPS coordinates where measurements have been made. The cloud component allows for management of users, validation of test results, workforce productivity measurement, and generation of data files that are compatible with a variety of GIS and work-order management systems. 877/747-3245;


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