Pumps - Vortab Elbow Flow Conditioner

The Vortab Elbow Flow Conditioner is an effective solution to eliminate the turbulent fluid flows that result in pump cavitation, which can lead to line shutdowns, maintenance and shorter pump life. The preconditioned flow stream mimics the straight run needed for efficient pump operation and removes asymmetric velocity flow profiles. In addition to conditioning the flow stream, the fitting eliminates the straight pipe run cost and installation technician labor. It isolates the flow irregularities and conditions the flow stream into a swirl-free and symmetrical velocity profile. Swirl reduction and velocity profile correction occur naturally in long lengths of straight pipe due to diffusion and turbulent mixing. Its anti-swirl and inclined vortex-generating profile correction tabs, projecting from the inside pipe surface, generate vortices that accelerate these natural pipe effects to create a uniform, non-swirling, symmetrical flow profile in a much shorter section of pipe. 800/854-9959; www.vortab.com.


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