Asset Management - Syrinix PipeMinder

PipeMinder from Syrinix is a flexible network monitoring solution essential to network calming and leak and break reduction. It combines a five-year battery life, automated alerts for transients and bursts, and high-resolution data capture. It allows utilities to see, at a new level of detail and accuracy, where they are stressing networks and so contributing to leakage, and increasing the risk of bursts. Supporting a range of pipeline monitoring activities, it provides a high level of intelligent data and analytics, all captured via the RADAR customer portal and/or SCADA integration from a cloud-based interface. It detects in real time with always-on high-resolution data, with immediate alerts for events as they occur. With its long-term data reported daily, consisting of high-resolution minimum and maximum pressure and flow for each 15-minute window, it delivers reassurance in decision-making, supporting reduced leakage and bursts, and extending asset lifetimes.


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