Flow Control/Monitoring Equipment - Matchpoint Water Asset Management Hydreka HydrINS 2

The NSF 61-certified Hydreka HydrINS 2 insertion flowmeter, distributed by Matchpoint Water Asset Management, helps to minimize nonrevenue water through providing bidirectional flow and pressure data for water distribution and raw water pipelines. The unit is available in various lengths to suit pipe diameter from 3 to 78 inches, and is easily deployed in permanent or temporary applications. Installation is simple, with no interruption to water supply. A data logger, complete with an LCD display, is connected to the flowmeter for an instantaneous reading of all flow data. The data is accessible through different sources, including AMR, 4-20mA, pulse output, manual download or daily GPRS communication. It can be used throughout the water distribution network, including metering at reservoirs, treatment plants, pumping stations, water pipes, for zoning and district metered areas, and night flow monitoring and source meter verification. 910/509-7225, www.matchpointinc.us.


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