Nozzles - The Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning System

The Plug Hug Fire Hydrant Cleaning System can make fire hydrants paint-ready in two minutes, and can help clear snow-covered and plowed-under fire hydrants in 60 seconds. It cuts project costs by reducing labor, materials and cleanup, while also helping eliminate hand, eye and back injuries. It helps mitigate public safety risks associated with inaccessible fire hydrants during fire emergencies in the winter. To use, simply attach the hex receiver to a hydraulic auger drive motor mounted on a skid-steer, backhoe or mini-excavator for use on any style of fire hydrant. Flared steel cables descale paint, rust and debris without having to remove cap chains or Storz fittings. An operator can descale over 20 hydrants per hour for painting, and clear over 30 hydrants per hour from snow and ice while creating a 4-foot-diameter access area for firefighters. 719/313-2791;


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