Pipe Lining - Cretex Specialty Products HydraTite

HydraTite internal joint seal from Cretex Specialty Products is a mechanical, trenchless remediation for leaking pipe joints consisting of a rubber seal that spans the joint and is held in place by stainless steel retaining bands on either side of the joint. The retaining bands are hydraulically expanded and locked in place using a wedge lock design, which forms an airtight seal around the joint, eliminating all possibilities of infiltration or exfiltration. These seals can be custom fitted into irregular-shaped conduits and may be used as end seals on CIPP projects. The system is a recognized method of joint repair by AWWA manual M28 and has been widely accepted and approved by engineers, municipalities and DOTs. It has a 50-year design life, does not require excavation, and has a low profile that ensures minimal flow loss. 800-345-3764; www.cretexseals.com.


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