Flow Control/Monitoring Equipment - ADS CleanView cleaning-validation system

CleanView cleaning-validation system from ADS combines a cleaning nozzle with a wireless high-definition camera into a single system enabling simultaneous cleaning and viewing. Work crews can immediately identify issues such as blockages and take on-the-spot action making them more productive and assuring consistency. CleanView’s vivid, crisp video also provides a first-level indication of pipe condition. This video shows developing structural issues where further investigation with a video truck is prioritized.   CleanView systems include a “live” version used on pipes 18 inches or larger where crews view cleaning wirelessly and in real time. For pipes less than 18 inches, video images are recorded while cleaning then downloaded wirelessly to a tablet or notebook computer enabling immediate review via high-speed wireless download to its software. CleanView adapts to a variety of manufacturers nozzles. 800-633-7246; www.adsenv.com/cleanview.


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