Meters - PMC Engineering VL4500 Series

The VL4500 Series from PMC Engineering has a rugged side entry cable with optional wedge nose cone to facilitate the use of their submersible transmitters inside pipes where the level measurement is required under flowing conditions. This is offered as a standard option for 3/4-inch-diameter transmitters but can also be provided for other series. This combination is ideally suited for installations into sewer pipes to minimize flow restrictions and possible clogging. A titanium housing provides immunity to virtually all environments, including brackish or seawater, or other chemicals unsuitable for stainless steel. A polyurethane vented cable is molded to the transmitter, providing a high-integrity waterproof assembly. It offers full-scale ranges as low as 30 inches WC, with a stable piezoresistive element manufactured from micro-machined silicon. 203-792-8686;


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