Water Sampling Station Protects Against Contaminants

The EZ-01F above-ground water sampling station from American Machine & Conveyor is designed to simplify the collection of water samples for bacteriological and chemical testing and to protect the integrity of the water sample at the monitoring site.

“Every water district in the United States has to test its water, and if they get a bad sample, it can be a really big deal,” says Jim Lyon, product manager at American Machine & Conveyor. “They have to continue to test that site, and it can just be due to contaminants that are able to get into the sampling station itself. This gives them peace of mind that they’re going to have a clean sample.”

A weather-tight sealing closure with wind and rain guards provides a clean testing environment. The three-position, spring-loaded aluminum lid seals flush to protect the sampling station against weather, infestations and other contaminants.

When sampling during inclement weather, the lid’s second position forms a cover over the sampling area to deflect rain. Side wind guards work with the lid to protect against contaminants being blown into the sample. When weather is not a factor, the lid’s third position becomes a secure shelf that can hold up to 35 pounds.

The all-aluminum body is guaranteed for 10 years. “They’re going to last a lot longer than the small plastic models,” Lyon says. “It’s never going to rust and it’s going to last much longer than steel would.”

Units come with a 1-inch flushing valve and a 1/4-inch sampling valve. An integral keyed lock or stainless steel hasp for a padlock is included for added security.

Outdoor water sampling stations specifically suited for cold-weather climates are also available. 805/642-9924; www.american-mc.com.


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